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How to Get Berries in Valheim

Have you cooked anything with some berries in Valheim?

There are so many different food items and recipes in Valheim, so you may get confused about what to prioritize. Some recipes like the Lox Meat Pie, Sausages, or Serpent Stew are great for recovering a lot of health quickly. On the other hand, berries can be eaten to fortify your health and satisfy hunger, but can only be consumed once until their effects have wavered.

Just like how there are different types of meats in Valheim, there are also quite a few berry species in the game. Each one can be found in a different location, so you will have to travel for specific ones. They also respawn after a few hours, so you can take note of a location and come back to it later.

If you are looking to fortify your health and hunger for a while, check out our guide on how to get berries in Valheim.


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Valheim is a new action-adventure sandbox game that is set in the Norse mythological universe. It was developed by Swedish studio Iron Gate and later published by Coffee Stain Studios. Valheim is available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux users. First released in 2021, this sandbox survival game can be played in single player or multiplayer on the same server.

You will play as a Viking that is tasked to slay ancient monsters and prove yourself fit for the halls of Valhalla. You need to travel across the many different biomes in the game, summoning and defeating all five major bosses. There are specific environmental conditions in each biome that you may have to bring proper clothing or armor for.

There are countless features in the game that you can focus on. Some players opt to rush in defeating the five bosses and finishing the game quickly. Others may opt to grind building the strongest weapons and armor so they will have an easier time fighting monsters and bosses later on. For a few players, they may also opt to focus on cooking different recipes and building the biggest and most beautiful strongholds.

Berries in Valheim

An image of Cloudberries in Valheim.

Currently, there are three types of berries in Valheim. Each one gives different stats but are all only consumable once. You will have to wait for their effects to wear off before you can eat another. They also do not raise your health bar immediately, but instead have to be combined with different food and food sources. Here are the three different berries and their differences.

Raspberries are arguably the most important berry for several reasons. First, they are an important ingredient in crafting the Medium Healing Mead, which is the best healing potion in the game. Secondly, they are also needed to make the Queen’s Jam. Combining Raspberries with Blueberries, the Queen’s Jam heals players for up to 14 Health and 40 Stamina for up to 20 minutes. Its effects work at 2hp per tick, which is not bad for berries.

Blueberries are also quite useful in Valheim. They are needed for recipes like the Queen’s Jam, Deer Stew, Muckshake, and Mead Base for Minor Healing or Tasty. You will also need it for crafting the Blue Banner for your buildings. When eaten raw, Blueberries will give you 8 Health and 25 Stamina for up to 10 minutes. The effects work at 1hp per tick.

Cloudberries are important for cooking food or for taming a certain important wild creature. Loxes are aggressive creatures that will attack you anytime you come near them. You can scatter Cloudberries to tame a Lox and hopefully capture it. Cloudberries are also used for crafting the Barley Wine Base for Fire Resistance, the Lox Meat Pie, or the Mead base: Medium Stamina.

Where to Find Berries in Valheim

An image of berries in Valheim.

Each berry is more common in a specific biome than others. Raspberries are very common along the edges of large open Meadow biomes. They are quite easy to spot once you are near enough. Look for these berries in bushes scattered around the Meadows and take note of their location. You can keep coming back to the same bushes every 5 hours and they should have respawned.

Blueberries are only found in the Black Forest biome. These are dangerous woods, so make sure to wear a little armor and bring a weapon or two when gathering it. You can find them in barrels right outside ruined towers. Bring torches while exploring the Black Forest to make it easier to see the Blueberry bushes.

Cloudberries are located in the Plains biome, which may be the safest of the three. Fortunately, Cloudberries are also much more common than the other two berries. Simply walk around some wide Plains and look for some Cloudberry bushes. Just like Raspberries and Blueberries, they will also respawn every 300 minutes so you can come back there.

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