An image of building a home, one of our beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty.

Beginner Tips for Medieval Dynasty

What are your favorite beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty players?

Starting a new open-world game is always overwhelming at first. There are countless possibilities and things to worry about, especially in a game as big as Medieval Dynasty. You will have no idea where to find food, shelter, or tools, and oftentimes may be in danger without knowing it.

To help you get settled into this Middle Ages setting, we have compiled some of our favorite beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty. In this guide, we will include things like how to survive early on, where to find food, and how to get started on establishing your own village. This is basically a cheat sheet on all our other comprehensive guides.

If you are just starting out in the game, check out our beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty down below.

Medieval Dynasty

An image of Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval is one of the newest and biggest survival adventure games in recent years. This open-world video game was developed by Render Cube and published by Toplitz Productions in September 2021. It is available on multiple platforms like Windows, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X and S.

In the game, you will take on the role of a peasant who has fled from war and is simply trying to survive. You will need to learn to survive in the dangerous Middle Ages by finding food, water, shelter, and eventually starting your own family and village. In addition to the dangers brought about by government agents, the different seasons will also bring an additional dynamic to your experience.

As you progress through the game, you will improve your skills using the game’s technology tree. The more you master a skill, the better and more efficient you will be at performing tasks relevant to that skill. There are six different major skills, each with more specific skills under each one.

You have the option of following the main storyline through the different quests or just forging your own path. Even if you do not follow the story, you can still enjoy the full game experience by raising your own family and starting a village. As you assign villagers to jobs, you can help your village’s economy thrive.

Beginner Tips for Medieval Dynasty

The more you understand about the game, the less overwhelming your early game experience will be. Here are our favorite beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty to help you start out comfortably.

Build a House

An image of how to build a house, one of our beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty.

Building a house is the first real quest that you will be given in the game. After you learn from the Castellan Uniegost that your uncle was murdered and left you his land, you will be given the Starting a New Life quest to build your first house. To do this, you need to get your hands on some basic building materials.

You need some Logs, Sticks, and bunches of Straw to build your house. Sticks can just be picked up from the ground anywhere, but especially in forests. Straw can be a by-product of threshing crops, but you will not be able to do that early on. Instead, you should head over to the nearest river and harvest some Reeds from its banks. Each Reeds plant will yield 1-2 bunches of Straw, so get as much as you can.

Logs are a little harder to get. You will need to cut some trees using an Axe. To craft an Axe, use 10 Sticks and 2 Stones. Cut about 5-6 trees to get enough Logs for your first house. Next, use your Quick Menu to build your house’s foundation. After that, use the Wooden Hammer that the Uniegost gave you to raise the walls and eventually build the roof.

Avoid Buying From Vendors

An image of avoiding buying from vendors early on, one of our beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty.

If you are only starting out, you will not have much money. That means goods and other items from vendors will be very expensive with your economic situation. It will be much better to just learn how to craft these items instead of buying them all the time.

Once you have built up your finances, you can start purchasing items for convenience. If you have a large working village, you probably already have more money than you will ever need, so feel free to splurge then. For now, be patient and learn how to craft everything that you can.

Collect Some Berries

An image of collecting berries, one of our beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty.

Berries will be your most reliable source of sustenance early in the game. Not only are they free, but they also replenish a decent amount of food and water. You just need to walk around the wilderness and look for these bushes. They are very common and also quite light, so feel free to gather as many as possible so you can survive for weeks.

You will eventually become skilled enough to find more efficient food on your own, but for now, rely on these free berries for survival.

Prepare for Winter

An image of horse riding in winter.

Just like in real life, winter in Medieval Dynasty is just as dangerous as war and famine. The Middle Ages simply do not have enough technology to avoid winter’s wrath consistently. All you have are simple homes and basic fires to protect yourself from the cold. Later on, you can craft clothes that will help you survive the cold, but it may be difficult during your first year in the game.

Once you have your first house, you should start collecting enough supplies for the winter. Try to get some efficient food items like meat from hunting and keep them stored. You should also start a fruit and vegetable farm as early as possible to have enough surplus for winter when you cannot farm anymore.

If you get enough Leather in your adventures, make sure to craft clothes as a priority.

Taxes Are Inevitable

An image of paying taxes to the Castellan.

The crown is the most powerful entity in Medieval Dynasty. Naturally, all peasants have to pay taxes to their lord and their king every year. You are likely still quite poor in your first year, so the taxes will feel a lot heavier for you.

Make sure you have enough savings by the end of the year to pay your taxes. If you are not ready to antagonize the crown just yet, pay your taxes on time.

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