An image of the Visionary Wenjie in Deathloop.

How to Beat Wenjie in Deathloop

Have you come up with ways to beat Wenjie in Deathloop?

In Deathloop, you need to eliminate all eight Visionaries on Blackreef Island before the day resets. You are only able to visit four locations per day. If you try to travel to each Visionary one by one, you will quickly realize that killing them all on the same day is impossible. Deathloop’s appeal is that you have to find various and creative ways to take them out together to make your runs easier.

One of your target Visionaries is Dr. Wenjie Evans, a researcher that helps keep the Blackreef loop working. Her Infusion research allows Colt to retain his items between loop resets. It is implied early in the game that Wenjie is the first Visionary that you must take out. However, you will most likely find yourself unable to kill her copies when you get there. We are here to teach you an easier way to get to Wenjie and eliminate her.

Check out our detailed guide on how to beat Wenjie in Deathloop.

Dr. Wenjie Evans

An image of the Visionary Wenjie in Deathloop.

Dr. Wenjie Evans is basically the cause of everything that happens in Deathloop. As the creator of the time loop, she is the only person who knows exactly how it works. She is also the one who created the Slabs and other trinkets.

She has a dismissive personality because of her belief that nobody can hold a stimulating conversation with her.

How to Kill Wenjie

An image of killing Wenjie in Deathloop.

The first time you will kill Wenjie is through the Ubiquity mission. To find her, you need to head straight forward from the tunnels beneath Blackreef. You will then see her laboratory located in The Complex. The lab contains both the research you need and Wenjie herself. Unfortunately, it turns out there are 15 Wenjies because there are 15 copies of her in the lab due to her experiments with the time loop.

You have to eliminate all of Wenjie’s clones. When you take down one of them, those that remain will get stronger. To make it easier for you, beams of light will mark the location of the other clones so you can always keep your objective markers on. Some Wenjies will remain in their labs, so you can go to the rooftops and catch them by surprise from above.

An image of killing a Wenjie clone in Deathloop.

There are also times when the Wenjies will run outside along the walkways. In that case, stay away from them because they usually sport some SMGs and shotguns. If you are sneaky enough, you can wait until a lot of Wenjies are clustered together in an area so you can eliminate all of them at once. However,  if you play it well enough, other Wenjies in the other parts of the lab will not be alerted. 

The last two Wenjies are always at the far corner of the central area. You will notice that there is a turret in the left corner and a sensor on the left wall. Kill the two Wenjies and pick up the Portable Harvester, which you will use to harvest Wenjie’s Residuum, which in turn gets you a new Lead.

Loadout for Killing Wenjie

An image of a good loadout in Deathloop.

For killing Wenjie, you will not have a lot of options for your loadout. Because it is early in the game, you might only have some weapons left from the game’s introduction. Just make sure that the Spring Heeled double-jump trinket is equipped.

Rewards for Killing Wenjie

An image of Residuum rewards for killing Wenjie in Deathloop.

The last Wenjie you kill will drop rewards, mostly composed of trinkets and at least 10,000 Residuum, which you will end up needing later. She does not have a Slab power, however. Completing the quest will let you absorb Residuum, so you will have the ability to infuse weapons and abilities.

You will revisit the same area later in the game, but you will first have to defeat Charlie. Do this so you can gain access to Charlie and Fia’s safe house, where you’ll receive the “What Wenjies Want” quest. This lures Wenjie to a new location.

A Way to Kill Wenjie, Egor, and Aleksis At the Same Place

A way to kill three Visionaries at the same place.

Each Visionary has its own lair, so you have to find a way to trick them into diverting from their normal schedules. Two characters can be lured to a party held by the Visionary Aleksis. You will then be able to take out all three of them at that location. The party is filled with a lot of hostiles, so make sure you do not get into an all-out gunfight.

This sequence begins after you complete the “Afternoon Delight” Visionary Lead, where you will be hunting Charlie and Fia. You will not be able to kill Wenjie on that same afternoon. Start “Afternoon Delight” by using the terminal in Charlie or Fia’s apartments and reading their messages to know they will meet in a secret location. Once you complete this quest and “Space Invaders”, you can start looking for a new method to beat Wenjie in Deathloop. This leads to the “What Wenjies Want” Visionary Lead.

“What Wenjies Wants” begins inside Bunker 9, where you need to find the note entitled “Aesthetics are Key” to obtain the code from Wenjie’s office. For additional information, you can go to Aleksis’s Party in the evening and find out through his emails on the computer why Wenjie refused to go to the party. Basically, the only way to get Wenjie to the party is with 2-Bit, and at the end of the quest, one of the Wenjies will always appear at Aleksis’s party.

For Egor, you need to find a Nullifier, a briefcase-shaped device that nullifies Slab abilities. You will find them in The Complex, and it will reveal a computer. There, you input the code for the Listening Device, and you can find it in your notes or in your Visionary Lead under “Silence Egor’s Device”. Once you get the device to shut down, Egor will always go to the party. You have to redo this step during each loop, unlike in Wenjie’s case.

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