How to Beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft

Can’t figure out how you can beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft?

Varimathras is a dread lord who works for the Burning Legion. He was subdued to form an alliance with the Forsaken under the rule of Sylvanas Windrunner. While he swore allegiance to Sylvanas, he remained loyal to the Legion. 

Due to his blunders, Varimathras suffered eternal torment from the Coven of Shivarra. 

In World of Warcraft, Varimathras is one of the bosses in Antorus, the Burning Throne raid. 

This specific encounter in World of Warcraft is a single-phase encounter, but the room cycles between several elemental states with various effects on the raid. 

Overall, the actual fight with Varimathras differs between each tier of difficulty and can be extremely difficult on higher difficulties. Though the encounter’s mechanics are straightforward, it can be punishing and has the potential to go out of control in seconds. 

To avoid that, we’ve decided to make a guide on how you can beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft. 

Without further delays, let’s get right into it!

Encounter Overview

beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft

Vairmathras is a single target-style fight, where the raid is required to kill the boss before the enrage timer ends. The entire battle is about minimizing the shadow damage you take using group coordination to avoid getting the healing reduction debuff, Misery. 

Heroic Changes

  • Torment of Fel – fills the entire room with Fel Flames, dealing incremental periodic damage to the whole raid.
  • Torment of Frost – surrounds the entire area with ice, reducing movement and inflicting frost damage to the raid. 
  • Necrotic Embrace – marks a target that deals Shadow Damage upon expiration and spreads to all players within 10 yards. 

Role Responsibilities


beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft

Tank players should always stand within eight yards of their tanking partner and keep the boss stationary throughout the fight. Players should use active mitigation and taunt one another when Varimathras casts Shadow Strike. 

Tanks should also ensure that they won’t get hit by Marked Prey projectiles. 


beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft

Your primary role for this encounter is to stack as a raid and move between the two sides of the boss each time Dark Fissures spawn. Heal players affected by ticking damage from the Torments of Shivarra. 

Remember that players affected by the Torment of Shadows can’t receive direct healing, but the spirit link works. 


beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft

Like healers, DPS players should also move from one side of the boss to the other every time Dark Fissures spawn. DPS players should also ensure that a mobile melee DPS absorbs the Marked Prey projectile and uses a spell to resist the knockback. 

You should also kill the boss before the six-minute enrage timer. 

Varimathras Loot

Loots depend on the difficulty of the raid you’ve joined. LFR loot starts at 915, 930 on Normal, 960 on Mythic, and 945 on Heroic. 


  • Trinket: Carafe of Searing Light, Seeping Scourgewing
  • Cloth: Blood-Drenched Bindings, Cord of Surging Hysteria
  • Mail: Nathrezim Shade-Walkers, Robes of the Forsaken Dreadlord
  • Amulet: Riveted Choker of Delirium
  • Plate: Greaves of Mercurial Allegiance, Varimathras’ Shattered Manacles
  • Leather: Belt of Fractured Sanity, Vest of Unfathomable Anguish


  • Storm: Neuroshock Electrode
  • Arcane: Thu’rayan Lash
  • Fire: Tormentor’s Brand
  • Blood: Nathrezim Incisor

This ends our guide on how to beat Varimathras in World of Warcraft. We hope that this will help you in your goal to complete the Antorus Burning Throne raid. 

For your questions and other concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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