How to Beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft

Are you looking to beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft?

Tichondrius is the leader of the nathrezim of the Burning Legion that served under Kil’jaeden and Archimonde. He is a powerful and cunning Dreadlord that acted as an envoy of the Legion’s will to Arthas Menthil before summoning the Legion to Azeroth. 

In World of Warcraft, you can find Tichondrius in the Captain’s Quarters, in the southwest region of The Nighthold. Tichondrius is a tough fight with high DPS requirements, and you’ll usually encounter him as the 8th boss of Nighthold. 

He drops tokens for the Tier 19 shoulder armor and the Blacksmithing recipe, Fel Core Hound Harness. 

This encounter cycles two phases in a fixed pattern. The 1st phase lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds, while the other is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. After two cycles, the entire encounter will stay at Phase 1. 

In this guide, we will show you how you can beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft to complete this encounter in Nighthold. 

Let’s get right into it!

Quick Fight Overview

Tichondrius WoW

Tichondrius uses foul carrion magic, which unleashes waves of chaos and pestilence to eliminate the raid. 

As the fight progresses, he will randomly use Illusionary Night to trap the raid in an illusion, where you might find some respite if you can endure Tichondrius’ Carrion Nightmare assault for 30 seconds. 

Damage Dealers

  • Carefully positioned to prevent spreading of Carrion Plague. 
  • Kill Phantasmal Bloodfangs quickly to obtain Essence of Night while being trapped in the Illusionary Night. 
  • Coordinate using Brand of Argus for detonations to avoid raid-wide damages. 


  • Players affected by Carrion Plague will take sustained damage until the debuff fades during the Illusionary Night. 
  • Position yourself so you can quickly dispel Burning Soul. 
  • Your tanks suffer massive damage from Tichondrius’ nightborne mobs. 


  • Lure nightborne and legion minions outside of the Vampiric Aura. 
  • Avoid taking stacks of Feast of Blood. 

Trash Mobs

Mobs inside the Captain’s Quarters combine terrace trash mobs with a few powerful, new, demonic minions. 

Felsworn Chaos-Mages  

They are the most dangerous and should be killed first. 

  • Targets a random player with Will of the Legion. (10-second fear and massive DoT)
  • Felsworn Chaos-Mages will attempt to cast Eradication, dealing damage to any player within 30 yards. 
  • Raid should prioritize stopping mages from releasing Eradication. 

Felsworn Shadowblades

These mobs attack tanks with Shadow Cleave. 

  • Shadow Cleave deals damage to any player in front of the Felsworn Shadowblade. 
  • Sends out a shadow wave that inflicts heavy damage to all players affected by the cleave. 
  • Tanks should position Felsworn Shadowblades away from the raid to avoid getting affected by Shadow Cleave. 

Abyss Watchers

Targets a random player with Fel Glare. 

  • Immediately deals damage to all players in line with the Abyss Watcher’s target. 
  • Damage from Fel Glare ticks continuously and can be fatal. 
  • The Abyss Watcher will haunt the player affected by Fel Glare. 
  • Players not affected by Fel Glare should move out of the path of the beam. 
  • Abyss Watchers continuously summons pools of Infinite Abyss. 

Tichondrius’s trash mobs are quite packed into a small area and have several patrols. Pulling enemies back to the narrow stairways going to the Captain’s Quarters should be avoided as the staircase causes sight issues for dispelling the Will of the Legion. 

Tichondrius Encounter Strategy

beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft

If you want to beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft, you’ll have to execute the mechanics mentioned below carefully.

Before the fight begins, designate an area in the room for raid members to stand in once they get affected by Carrion Plague. Now, mark a location for tanks to bring Tainted Blood ADS to. This should be at least 30 yards away from Tichondrius. 

Phase 1: 

  • Players affected by Carrion Plague should move to the assigned area and spread out. 
  • Other players should avoid the Carrion Plague area. 
  • Healers need to regenerate players affected by Carrion Plague in advance of Seeker Swarm. 
  • When Feast of Blood is cast, tanks should swap tanking duties. 
  • Take advantage of AoE stuns on the TAinted Bloods as they spawn.
  • Tanks assigned for Feast of Blood should run to the designated Tainted Blood area during the stun. 
  • All DPS should target Tainted Bloods and use high-damage AoE to defeat them. 
  • Ranged DPS need to clear off remaining Tainted Bloods while they chase your tank. 
  • Players should hide behind Fel Spires when Echoes of the Void is used. 
  • Kill Felsworn Spellguards, and move away from players affected by Volatile Wound. 

Phase 2: 

  • Dodge Carrion Nightmare by stepping out of the zone quickly. 
  • Eliminate as many Phantasmal Bloodfangs as possible. 
  • Players should attempt to get the Essence of the Night buff from orbs dropped by dead fangs. 
  • Ensure that your healers and DPS get Essence of the Night. 

Tank Roles

beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft

During this encounter, tanks should front Tichondrius from where he stands. Tank players should also taunt swap with other tanks after each Feast of Blood debuff. 

Feast of Blood tanks should run away to the designated location for Tainted Bloods so that they won’t heal. Tanks should also use Active Mitigation or cooldowns to hold out against Tainted Blood’s melee damage. 

During Echoes of Void, tanks should hide together with other players behind the Fel Spire. Tank players should also avoid Standing between the boss and players with Carrion Plague. 

In the second phase, tanks should group up the Phantasmal Bloodfangs so your raid can quickly kill them. 

Never take the Essence of Night buff unless other priority roles have one. Off-tanks should pick up the Felsworn Spellguards and Sightless Watchers ADS coming from the back of the room. 

Lastly, remember to step out of Carrion Nightmare areas to avoid getting wiped. 

Damage Dealer Roles

beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft

For Damage Dealers, pay attention to Carrion Plague. Sprint to the designated plague area if you get hit to avoid spreading the plague to other players. For non-affected players, never go near the Carrion Plague area to avoid getting struck by Seeker Swarm. 

When Tainted Blood spawns, use your AoE stuns and burst damage to kill them fast. 

During Echoes of the Void, go with the entire raid and hide behind the Fel Spire. 

In Phase 2, kill all Phantasmal Bloodfangs that you can, and don’t forget to step out of Carrion Nightmare areas. Take an Essence of Night buff if you find one. 

You should attack Sightless Watchers and Felsworn Spellguards first during the 1st and 2nd phases. If a Volatile Wound is expiring, move away from the raid so your Nether Zone would be out of the way. 

Healer Roles

beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft

Healers should use most of their abilities during Feast of Blood and Tainted Blood as these are the mechanics that need the most healing. Healing your raid is heavier when more players get affected by Carrion Plage at the end of each phase. 

Utilize cooldowns at the start of Echoes of the Void while your raid hides behind the Fel Spire. Extra cooldowns can also be handy during the Illusionary Night to heal Carrion Plague and Nightmare damage. 

You should also routinely check if you’re affected by Carrion Plague. Quickly run to the assigned area if you get affected. 

Finally, don’t forget to get an Essence of Night buff whenever available. 

That is all you need to know to beat Tichondrius in World of Warcraft. If you want to clarify something or have other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

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