How to Beat The Nine in World of Warcraft

Looking for a strategy to beat The Nine in World of Warcraft?

Sanctum of Domination is a raid in World of Warcraft version 9.1.0. This raid is located in The Maw, as the uppermost section of Torghast and the current home base of the Jailer. It consists of 10 bosses, and one of them is The Nine. 

The Nine is the third boss of the Sanctum Domination raid and is a council-style encounter. During this instance, you’ll be fighting Kyra, The Unending, and Signe, The Voice until you get them low enough to call Skyja. 

Each boss in this encounter has unique abilities, and the majority of the encounter revolves around managing a large number of mechanics from Valkyries aiding the bosses. 

To help you out, we’ve decided to make a guide for the best strategy to beat The Nine in World of Warcraft. 

Let’s get started!

The Nine Overview

Kyra and Signe start the fight for this encounter on the ground, using Wings of Rage and Reverberating Refrain once their energy reaches 100. On the other hand, Skyja commands the other Valkyries to strike from the sky. 

beat The Nine in World of Warcraft

When she reaches 100 energy, Skyja casts Call of the Val’kyr to aid her fallen companions. Once Kyra or Signe’s health runs low, Skyja lands and takes over the battle. 

Player Roles


For all raid members, run away from Kyra when she casts Wings of Rage until she’s done channeling. When Signe launches Reverberating Refrain, stay away from her until the channeling is done. 

Players with Fragments of Destiny should stand next to each other on the edge of the room. Once dispelled, go back to the raid and help with the fight. 


beat The Nine in World of Warcraft

For tank roles, tank Kyra and Signe next to each other for better cleave DMG. You should also taunt swap with other tanks after three stacks of Unending Strike during phase one. In the second phase, tanks should also tank swap after three stacks of Pierce Soul. 


beat The Nine in World of Warcraft

Healers should dispel Fragments of Destiny until they jump to one person. It would help if you also used healing cooldowns when Song of Dissolution is applied to the rest of the raid. 



Interrupt Formless Masses that spawn when they try casting Siphon Vitality. Singe should also be immediately interrupted when she cast Song of Dissolution and try to get the bosses down to 10% HP, as close together as possible. 

Finally, execute Kyra and Signe quickly after Skja appears. 

Dealing With Call of the Val’kyr

  • Move away from other players when targeted by Daschla’s Mighty Impact. 
  • Avoid the lines when Agatha’s Eternal Blade gets cast. 
  • Assign one player to stand in each spot marked by Aradne’s Falling Strike.
  • Keep the bosses out of Annhylde’s Bright Aegis. 
  • Raid members should stand near players affected by Arthura’s Crushing Gaze to share the damage. 
  • Spread out with Byrnia’s Mournful Dirge. 

During the first phase of the raid, you’ll face Kyra and Signe at the same time until they reach 10% HP. Raid members should spread near the bosses to make it easier for the raid to deal with Call of the Val’kyr, Wings of Rage, and Reverberating Refrain.

Players with Fragments of Destiny must stand near each other on the edge of the room and wait for the healers to dispel them. 

You should also aim to bring down the bosses HP to 10% simultaneously, at which point Skjya will join the fight. Finish off the weakened Signe and Kyra first before dealing with Skyja, The Fist. 

That ends our guide on how to beat The Nine in the Sanctum of Domination in World of Warcraft. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll be glad to help. 

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