How to Beat N’zoth in World of Warcraft

Do you need to beat N’zoth in Ny’alotha, the Walking City encounter in World of Warcraft?

N’zoth is the weakest among the Old Gods of Azeroth. These are the malefic creatures that the titans sequestered during Azeroth’s primordial ages in World of Warcraft. Until the events of the Fourth War, N’zoth remained elusive and was a great mystery among adventurers. 

Aside from the deceased Y’Shaarj, N’zoth is the only Old God yet encountered by any adventurer. 

That ends in the Ny’alotha, the Walking City Raid, where N’zoth serves as the final boss. 

N’zoth the Corruptor is a three-phase encounter where the raid must keep their Sanity level above 0. Otherwise, they will become Servants of N’zoth.

beat Nzoth in World of Warcraft

In the initial phase, players need to defeat Psychus in the Mind Realm. For the second phase, the raid will face waves of tentacles while half of the group takes turns entering the Mind Realm, which comprises the first phase’s mechanics. 

For the last stage, you have to race against time and kill N’zoth before his Thought Harvester drains your Sanity. 

Today, we will show you how to tackle this encounter to beat N’zoth in World of Warcraft. 

Let’s get right into it!

How to Tackle N’zoth the Corruptor

Phase One: Mind Realm

  • Tanks Psychus beside Exposed Synapses, so he gains 50% damage increase through Synaptic Shock when they die. 
  • DPS roles should focus their attack on the Exposed Synapses until the boss has at least five stacks of Synaptic Shock. 
  • You should position Psychus along the edge of the room to place Anguis Zons in ideal spots. 
  • Every player should attempt to stay 5 yards away from each other to minimize damage from Probe Mind. 
  • Go back to your body when Psychus dies and click it to leave the Mind Realm before the Collapsing Mindscape triggers. 
  • Eliminate Psychus before he gains max energy and casts Manifest Madness. 

Phase Two

  • Keep damaging the boss while it’s affected by Shattered Ego. 
  • Inflict as much damage as possible to clear a path between the realm boss and the wall. 
  • Stand next to the boss or edge of the room when Mindgrasp is cast. 
  • Everyone should spread out before Paranoia. Paired players should stand on top of one another while avoiding other players. 

Phase Two: Mind Realm

  • Send half of your raid into the Mindgate so they can counter the Mind Realm mechanics.
  • In the first Mind Realm, dodge the Flames of Insanity circles. 
  • During the second Mind Realm, refrain from moving too much when you get affected by Tread Lightly.

Phase Three

  • Continue dealing with Paranoia and Mindgrasp in the same way you did in the second phase. 
  • The raid should stack Anguish pools in a single area when Evoke Anguish expires. 
  • Your team should move around the room whenever the Anguish pools grow too close. 
  • Avoid the Stupefying Glare Beam cast. 
  • Assing a few players with high Sanity to soak the Harvest Thoughts cast by the Thought Harvester ADDS. 
  • Don’t forget to kill the Thought Harvester as soon as possible to avoid draining your Sanity. 


  • Tanks should front the Basher Tentacles. DPS should also focus on killing them first. 
  • Interrupt the Corrupted Minds and dispel any Corrupted Mind debuffs that go through. 
  • Eliminate the Spike Tentacles with the lowest priority, mainly using multi-dotting and long-range cleaves. 
  • All tentacles explode with Corrupted Viscera when they die, so make sure to dodge the landing spots. 

All Phases

  • Raid members should avoid letting their Sanity drop to 0, or they will become a charmed Servant of N’zoth. 
  • Players who become servants should be killed as soon as possible. 
  • You can use your Azeroth’s Radiance to regain back some Sanity. 

N’zoth’s Sanity Mechanics

The Sanity mechanic of N’zoth is similar to the mechanics found on the Carapace of N’zoth encounter. Players start the encounter with 100 Sanity, which is shown in an additional resource bar. 

The Player’s Sanity will be drained throughout the entire encounter via different mechanics. 

beat Nzoth in World of Warcraft

Once you reach 0 Sanity, you’ll receive the Gift of N’zoth debuff, which increases their damage and healing by 100% for 20 seconds. After that, the affected player will be permanently charmed and become a Servant of N’zoth. 

While charmed, players will cast Mental Decay on a random raid member, which removes 15 Sanity and applies a 12-second DOT. 

Raid members should avoid losing Sanity at all costs since becoming a Servant of N’zoth is irreversible. 

Kill any raid member who accidentally becomes a Servant of N’zoth to prevent them from casting Mental Decay to other players. 

N’zoth the Corrupter Loot

  • Devastation’s Hour
  • Manifesto of Madness
  • Encrypted Ny’alothan Text 
  • Lingering Psychic Shell
  • Last Vestige of Neltharion
  • Visage of Nightmarish Machinations
  • Pauldrons of the Great Convergence
  • Dominion, Lurker Beyond Dreams
  • Greathelm of Phantasmic Reality
  • Ring of Cosmic Potential

This ends our guide on how to beat N’zoth in World of Warcraft. If you have questions, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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