How to Beat Mr. Freeze Solo in Gotham Knights

Want to know how you can beat Mr. Freeze in Gotham Knights?

Meeting Mr. Freeze for the first time in Gotham Knights is a chilling encounter not only because of the ice but due to Mr.Freeze murdering scientists just to spite our heroes. When you get to face this villain, he’ll put up a real fight using flurries of icy attacks. 

Fortunately, he is a mighty glacier and won’t be dodging any blows in this encounter. 

Gotham Knights have a small but star-studded roster of villains, including Harley Quinn, Clayface, and Mr. Freeze. Fighting off these villains caps off most of the game’s Case Files, and each offers a tricky boss fight. 

If you are reading this, we can assume that you are having a hard time dealing with Mr. Freeze in the game. 

To help out, we’ve made a guide on how to beat Mr. Freeze in Gotham Knights. 

Let’s begin!

Beating Mr. Freeze

For this boss encounter, you will fight Mr. Freeze in a circular arena with his Weather Machine in the middle. This is more than a set piece, as he will use it between phases of the fight to unleash AoE attacks that can chip off a ton of your health.

Weather Machine

He also has a powerful charged shot that he fires from his Cryogun. Due to this, players are advised to sprint in a circular pattern around Mr. Freeze as he charges. 

Fans must also stay close enough to land a hit on him after his charged shot. 

Launch Attacks

Mr. Freeze also tends to reposition by launching himself in the air, dealing damage in a small area around him as he does so. A blue targeting area made of blue hexagons will show around and under him while he’s preparing to launch. 

Fans should get out of that space right away to avoid the attack. 

Players also must avoid charging at him after he lands since he generates a field of frozen spikes around his landing spot that deals damage. 

Ice Missles

When you notice a red hexagon underneath your character, you should start moving away immediately. Mr. Freeze will start launching ice missiles that will impact where the hexagons are positioned, dealing AoE damage. 

Freeze can also attempt to swing his Cryogun at you when you’re nearby. However, this attack can be dodged with timing or interrupted using a piercing attack. 

First Phase

During the initial phase of the fight, players can avoid Mr. Freeze’s attacks by ducking behind the cover around the arena. However, it will eventually get destroyed as the battle progresses. 

beat mr freeze in gotham knights

After taking out a quarter of his health, he will launch into the air and land on his weather machine at the center. He will then trigger three spinning freeze beams that can be dodged by ducking behind the cover. 

However, the freezing beams will destroy all the covers in the aftermath, so you won’t be able to use them the next time. 

Mr. Freeze will then rain cryo blasts from the sky, indicated by blue hexagon indicators showing where the bolts will land. Players can dodge this by running away from the spots and keeping out of the way of the hexagon indicators. 

beat mr freeze in gotham knights

After the ice barrage from the sky, Mr. Freeze fires three spinning beams again, and you won’t have any cover this time. 

Due to this, you will need to back away from the beams when Freeze fires them toward the ground. You should also continue moving from random directions, so the freeze beams cannot catch up. 

Second Phase

When Mr. Freeze’s health bar is halfway down, he will launch himself back into the Weather Machine and unleash another beam attack. You can use the same strategy as the initial phase to avoid the attack. 

However, keep an eye out for the occasional glitch and freeze in place, alternating between low and high beams. This can catch inattentive players off guard and result in running into the attack. 

beat mr freeze in gotham knights

Mr. Freeze will then repeat his cryo blast attack, and you can avoid it in the same way. 

After a while, he will launch another beam attack while continuing the blast rain, so you’ll need to avoid the targets on the ground while staying out of the path of his beams as before. 

Eventually, he will land back in the arena and continue fighting. His move set is similar to before, so you won’t have a hard time finishing off this bout. 

That ends our guide on how to beat Mr. Freeze in Gotham Knights. If you have clarifications, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible. 

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