How to Beat Mortanis in World of Warcraft

Can’t figure out how you can beat Mortanis in World of Warcraft?

Boneguards are a type of powerful, skeletal Maldraxxi construct in World of Warcraft. Summoning them requires a large amount of anima. Successfully calling and defeating one is the test of the House of Rituals for the ritualist’s mantle. 

As evidenced by Mortanis, necromancers can undergo rituals to transform into boneguards. 

Mortanis is a boneguard world boss in the House of the Chosen in Maldraxxus. Based on the lore, he is one of the most well-educated necromancers in the House of Rituals and aspires to transform himself into a more powerful form.

Mortanis deals both Shadow and Physical DMG to players and boasts a powerful AoE attack that can cover almost the entire arena. He also summons necromancers and skeletons, which can cause problems for the raid. 

Today, we’ve decided to make a guide on how you can beat Mortanis in World of Warcraft. 

Let’s get right into it!

Mortanis Encounter Overview

Like all world boss encounters, players are advised to join a party and fight Mortanis with a group. While it’s not necessarily required, it will make the fight easier as you don’t have to deal with all the mechanics alone. 

beat Mortanis in World of Warcraft

Mortanis is a powerful mob with attacks that quickly kill a solo player. Skeletons and necromancers also surround Mortanis.

With a raid group, players can share the damage from Mortanis and his mobs. This reduces their effects and allows the entire raid to survive longer. 

Mortanis Abilities

He spawns in the House of the Chosen on the northeastern side of the main structure in Maldraxxus. Most of his attacks deal Physical, and Shadow DMG, and here are all of them: 

  • Spine Crawl – summons a spine of bony spikes that inflicts Physical DMG to enemies in a line in front of Mortanis. 
  • Unholy Frenzy – Mortanis go into frenzy mode, increasing Haste by 100%. 
  • Screaming Skull – puts a screaming skull to an enemy that explodes within 8 seconds, dealing Shadow DMG evenly between all enemies near the target. 
  • Bone Cleave – cleaves targets in front of the caster, inflicting Physical DMG split evenly. 
  • Unruly Remains – summons angry bones, causing the ground to rupture in an increasing radius of Shadow DMG. 
  • Lord of the Fallen Deadly – summons all of the bones of the fallen, generating Unruly Remains around the battlefield and reduces Spine Crawl’s cooldown.  
  • Summon Skeleton – Mortanis calls his skeletons and necromancers to fight against his enemies. 

The entire raid must be prepared to dodge and group up when they get affected by AoE skills to share and reduce the damage. 

General Strategy

No matter which role you’re playing, you must dodge Spine Crawl at all costs and run from the damage radius caused by Unholy Remains. Don’t forget to group up when Mortanis use Screaming Skull to share damage.

This way, the damage when the skull explodes is split evenly to raid members, lessening its effectiveness against a single target. 

beat Mortanis in World of Warcraft

For damage dealers, you’ll want to dispel Unholy Frenzy when casted. Tanks must stand together when Bone Cleave is used to split the damage dealt by the blow equally. Healers should be ready to use their healing abilities when Bone Cleave and Screaming Skull are used to top up the raid. 

When Mortanis’ HP reaches 50%, he’ll use Lord of the Fallen and will allow him to cast an area-wide version of Unruly Remains, increasing the rate of Spine Crawl. Players must spread out when this happens and do their best to dodge these attacks. 

Mortanis Encounter Rewards

When defeated, Mortanis will drop the following to your raid: 

  • Memory of a Guile Charm
  • Shoulder Blade Vambraces
  • Memory of Fujieda
  • Mortanis’s Ribcage
  • Memory of Keefer
  • Bone Crushing Vice Grips
  • Spine Crawler Waistcord
  • Bone-Cleated Footpads
  • Band of the Risen Bonelord

That ends our guide on how to beat Mortanis in World of Warcraft. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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