How to beat Mal’Ganis in Warcraft III

Do you need to beat Mal’Ganis in Warcraft III to complete ‘The Culling’ mission?

Mal’Ganis led the spreading of the Plague of Undeath across Lordaeron. After the events in Culling of Startholme, Mal’Ganis challenged Arthas to a final battle in Northrend. Mal’Ganis was selected to lead the plot to turn Prince Arthas into darkness.

He was also one of the nathrezim sent by Archimonde as a jailor of the Lich King. 

During the war with Lich King, Mal’Ganis led the Scarlet Onslaught, disguising as Barean Westwind. 

If you’re reading this, you are probably doing the ‘The Culling’ mission in Warcraft III

This mission on Warcraft III requires you to reach Stratholme, destroy plagued villager houses, and execute 100 zombies. However, the challenging part about this mission is that you’ll need to kill 100 zombies before Mal’Ganis does. 

To help you out, we’ve decided to make a guide on how to beat Mal’Ganis in Warcraft III. 

Let’s get started!

Beat Mal’Ganis in Warcraft III

The Culling’s mechanics are quite different from other missions available in Warcraft III. Instead of going against the boss, your team needs to execute 100 infected villagers before Mal’Ganis gets to them and turns them into zombies. 

In this mission, the villagers will be hidden in infected buildings. To get them, you’ll have to target the structures and order your men to attack them. 

Once you do this, a hoard of sleeping, green-colored villagers will spawn. Right before they turn into zombies, go ahead and attack them with all your might to kill them. 

This will be the fastest route to execute 100 villagers than waiting for them to turn into actual zombies. 

Build Extra Towers & Upgrade Troops

Mal’Ganis’ team will occasionally send troops to your base. To protect it, reinforce your base with additional towers on the west side, next to the existing guard towers. Train some Footmen and Riflemen afterward and get out of the base as soon as you can. 

beat MalGanis in Warcraft III

While waiting for your troop, you can use this time to improve your Town Hall, build the Workshop and Arcane Sanctum, and begin training priests. 

Keep in mind that for this specific mission, you’ll be given a new unit called Knight. They are upgraded versions of Footman with twice health and damage. Use this to your advantage and aim to produce Knights right away to replace the Footmen.

The ideal troop for completing most tasks in ‘The Culling’ would be Arthas, 5 Knights, 4Riflemen, a Mortar team, and a Priest. 

Starting Strong

The early stages of this mission are the most challenging part. To make things easier, we suggest going to the Orcs camp before entering the city. You can find this camp to the west of your base. 

Execute the Orcs in the camp to obtain loot such as Gauntlets of Ogre Strength or a magical amulet that increases mana by 150. 

We also recommend avoiding the Town Hall of Stratholme in the early stages where a militia group resides. Killing them will count as killing villagers, but you’ll have to hold off the attack until you’ve strengthened your team. 

Focusing on villagers is ideal at the beginning of the mission.

Executing Villagers

The key factor in beating Mal’Ganis in Warcraft III is to exterminate the infected villagers efficiently. When you’re taking down buildings and killing villagers, it’s worth having a couple of ranged units such as Mortar or Riflemen to destroy the structures faster. 

When you destroy a building, you don’t have to wait for the villagers to turn into zombies. Target them right away and order your entire squat to kill them. 

beat MalGanis in Warcraft III

For every house, there would be around 3 to 5 villagers inside. 

If you have a good combination of melee and ranged troops, you’ll be able to kill at least two inhabitants before they turn into zombies. 

Killing Mal’Ganis

After a while, Mal’Ganis will start to participate in battle and turn civilians into zombies. If you see him, stop taking down buildings and start focusing your attack on Mal’Ganis. 


  • Carrion Swarm – inflicts damage to every unit in a straight line.
  • Sleep – disables the affected unit.

Defeating Mal’Ganis right away is also crucial for this mission, so you’ll have more time to slaughter infected villagers. Every time you kill Mal’Ganis, he’ll drop a random item such as artifacts and potions. 

beat MalGanis in Warcraft III

When you kill Mal’Ganis, he’ll resurrect randomly with a much larger army on his side. 

That ends our guide on how to beat Mal’Ganis in Warcraft III. If you have questions or any other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

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