How to Beat Julianna in Deathloop

Wondering how you can beat Julianna in Deathloop?

Deathloop is one of the most awaited games in 2021, especially by Playstation 5 users. This is the first game that will be exclusive on Sony’s latest-generation console and is the only device that can run the game smoothly. 

Well, you can run Deathloop on PC, but you need to tone down the graphics settings if you are not using an RTX series card. You can check out our guide for the best PC settings for Deathloop if you’re planning to run the game on a mid-range machine. 

If you’re planning to break the loop, you may want to keep an eye out for Julianna. She is the devilish counterpart of Colt, who would stop at nothing to protect the time loop set in Blackreef. 

Depending on the game mode you’re playing, Julianna can appear as a standard AI character or another player masquerading as Julianna that will rain down every last bit of their ammunition to execute you. 

Today, we will show you how to beat Julianna in Deathloop regardless if she’s an AI or another character. 

Let’s jump right in!

Keep an Eye Out for the Antenna

beat Julianna in Deathloop

When Julianna enters your game, you will get a signal or notification regarding her appearance, and the location of the antenna will be shown. Julianna always brings an antenna when she invades you that locks off your tunnels to keep you from escaping. 

If you’ve been alerted about Julianna, immediately hack the antenna so that you can get away quickly when needed. 

She also spawns near the antenna, so you must look in its direction immediately. If you spot her, get your guns out and be ready to fire towards her. You should also keep an eye out for Eternalists that could ambush you from the sides or back. 

Listen to Dialogues

beat Julianna in Deathloop

If you’re deep in an area, she could be just around the corner, waiting for the right time to ambush you. With this, being aware of her location will give you every advantage you need during the fight. 

The best way to know when she’s in your area is by keeping an eye out for the voice lines in the game. This will be much more noticeable if you turn on subtitles for every interaction. When you see her name in the subtitle, it means that she could be nearby. 

However, this is not applicable if she’s speaking with you through the radio. 

Go for Melee Combat 

Although Julianna is a formidable opponent, you have one advantage that can help you survive her invasion. Julianna only has a single life, so she won’t respawn in your game when you kill her. Unlike Colt, that can keep fighting as long as you have lives left in the tank. 

This means that you have more room for error to try things out. 

With this, we suggest using your machete to charge towards Julianna and try to secure the kill using your melee weapon. Similar to Eternalists, the machete is also a one-hit-kill against other players. 

beat Julianna in Deathloop

This can also catch other players off guard as they are not expecting to engage in melee combat against Colt. 

Set Up Traps and Turrets

If you know that Julianna will invade you, you can prepare ahead and set up traps. Many buildings in Blackreef have a single entrance with multiple exit points. These are good locations to set up turrets on possible chokepoints. 

Once Julianna enters the building, you’ll be able to chip away some of her health before even engaging in combat. You’d also know her location, which gives you the chance to sneak in for a stealth kill. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Is Deathloop a AAA?

Arkane Studio’s latest title Deathloop is the complete opposite of the industry standard. It is an Immersive Sim triple-A game with rouge-like elements, no open world, no cinematic cuts, an optional PvP mode, and features two lead characters. 

Will Deathloop be on Gamepass?

While Deathloop is currently only available for Playstation 5 and PC, it has a timed exclusivity deal with Sony until 2022. This means that it could eventually come to other platforms, including Xbox Game Pass, once the deal expires. 

Will Deathloop be multiplayer?

Yes. Deathloop has two game modes, which allows you to play as Colt to break the loop or as Julianna to invade other players and protect the loop. However, you need to complete specific tasks first before Julianna is unlocked. 

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to beat Julianna in Deathloop. For your questions and other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as we can. 

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