How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

Do you want to know how you can beat the Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s Lands Between is filled with tons of bosses for players to hunt and slay. Most of them are completely optional, which means they’re not needed to progress the game’s main storyline. 

And given how powerful some of the bosses are, it’s wise to leave them be when you’re just starting the game. 

One example of a powerful boss in the game is the Flying Dragon Agheel. It is the first dragon you will face in Elden Ring, and Agheel has a handful of one-shot mechanics and boasts a massive HP bar. 

When going up against him, you’ll file like it’s a battle for stronger players, and beating him on lower levels is a miracle.

However, it’s possible to beat the Flying Dragon Agheel a few hours into the game. 

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to beat the Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring. 

Let’s begin!

Flying Dragon Agheel Overview

beat flying dragon agheel in Elden Ring
  • Location: Dragon-Burnt Ruins, Limgrave
  • Type: Optional
  • Summons: Players and Spirit Ashes
  • Weakness: Ranged Attacks

The Flying Dragon Agheel is an optional boss located east of the Church of Elleh. This boss has a massive health pool and boasts attacks that can one-shot most players. Besides that, Agheel is impressively mobile for its size. 

For this encounter, you need a mount. Fighting the Flying Dragon Agheel without Torrent is almost suicide. 

We also suggest that you level up a few times first and have a +2 weapon before trying to kill this boss. The Limgrave Tunnels dungeon Agheel is guarding is a great location for Smithing Stones. 

Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy

beat flying dragon agheel in Elden Ring

Ranged builds will find it easier to kill Agheel than melee players. Due to this, we even suggest melee builds to use a bow and arrow if they are having difficulties defeating the Flying Dragon Agheel. 

Ranged Gameplay

For ranged characters, equip your favorite Glintstone sorcery or bow and deal damage from range. You’ll want to have a sizable about of distance from Agheel to avoid getting hit by its melee attacks. 

You also have to remember that Agheel will try to use its fire breath attacks to kill you, but you can easily dodge them if you can maintain a good distance. 

Throughout the entire fight, the only thing you have to remember is not to be greedy. 

While it’s tempting to perform just one more attack before dodging Agheel’s attack, we suggest not doing so as this boss has a lot of one-shot mechanics. 

Melee Gameplay

If you’re using a melee build, your best bet is to stay near the dragon’s claws and wings for the entire fight. You can use Torrent to close the gap as quickly as possible. Bait Agheel to use a stomp attack, then quickly rotate to the other side and land a few hits. 

As long as you stay near the front half of Flying Dragon Agheel, it won’t use its tail swipe that often. 

When it comes to its fire breath attacks, it’s quite difficult to dodge them if you’re hugging the boss. For these types of attacks, it’s best for you to run either towards Agheel or as far away as you can. 

Unlike other guides, we don’t recommend using spirits for this strategy. Having a lot of minions chip away at Agheel will trigger it to use fire breath attacks more often, which you do not want if you’re staying close to him. 

Using weapons that inflict bleed or deal heavy posture damage will cause Agheel to stagger. This allows you to land a deadly critical hit to chip away its health. 

That ends our guide on how to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring. If you have questions or any other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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