How to Beat Dormazain in World of Warcraft

Want to beat Dormazain in World of Warcraft?

The Sanctum of Domination is a raid in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, released in version 9.1.0. This domain is located in The Maw, as the upper section of Torghast. It’s also the home base of the Jailer. 

Sanctum of Domination is a raid with ten bosses, including the True Eye of the Jailer, The Tarrgure, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Dormazain. 

Soulrender Dormazain is a boss located in Font of Fury in Sanctum of Dominations. It is a single-phase encounter where the raid needs to keep Garrosh Hellscream from being tortured by Dormazain. 

If you’re doing the Sanctum of Domination raid, you’ll come across Dormazain as the fifth encounter. 

Today, we will show you the best strategy to beat Soulrender Dormazain in World of Warcraft. 

Let’s get started!

Soulrender Dormazain Strategy

The Dormazain encounter in World of Warcraft requires the raid to avoid the telegraph mechanics and eliminate ADS that spawn in the back of the encounter area before reaching Garrosh Hellscream. 

beat Dormazain in World of Warcraft

Mawsworn Agonizers will also appear in the back of the raid area and start charging towards Hellscream while randomly casting Agonizing Nova, which should be interrupted. 

It’s recommended to grip or knock the Mawsworn Agonizers together and stand on them with Brand of Torment to take them down easier. 

beat Dormazain in World of Warcraft

Once Garrosh Hellscream becomes affected by Warmonger Shackles, raid members must interact with them and run away from their initial position until the chain breaks. However, you should do this with caution and avoid breaking more than one chain at a time to prevent taking raid damage. 

Player Roles


Players should move to the safe slice once Torment is used. When Warmonger Shackles bind Garrosh Hellscream, interact with the chain and run away until it breaks. Raid members should also stand on Mawsworn Agonizers affected by Brand of Torment. 

You should also avoid standing in the River of Souls near Garrosh Hellscream and move to the safe side each time a new one appears while Dormazain channels Encore of Torment. 


beat Dormazain in World of Warcraft

Tank players should taunt swap after each cast of Ruinblade. It would help if you also tanked the Mawsworn Agonizers near each other to take advantage of cleave. 


Healers WoW

The raid takes burst damage from Unleashed Tyranny when more than one Warmonger Shackles is snapped, so be sure to top the affected players. Raid members with Brand of Torment will take constant damage and inflict damage on nearby allies. 



Damage dealers should prioritize interrupting Mawsworn Agonizers from casting Agonizing Nova and kill the Agonizers before they can get to Garrosh Hellscream. Take advantage of Time Warp when pulling. 

Other Things to Remember

Throughout the entire encounter, all raid members should take note of the following: 

  • Avoid the red cones on the ground. When the boss gets full energy, multiple cones will generate in a row. 
  • Interrupt and kill the caster ADS that randomly spawn at the back of the room before they reach Garrosh Hellscream. 
  • Break each set of 3 shackles when they spawn near Garrosh and use raid cooldowns to survive them. 
  • You have to interact with Warmonger Shackles and run away at least 40 yards to break them. 
  • In Heroic difficulty, different players need to break each set of Soul Manacles. Swirlies also generate in this difficulty aside from red cones. 
  • Stack the red circle debuff on the ADS to weaken their defense and armor. 

That is everything you need to know about this encounter. We hope that this guide helps you beat Dormazain in World of Warcraft. If you have other questions, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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