How to Beat Deathloop Without Guns or Powers

Wouldnt it be fun to beat Deathloop without using guns and powers? 

Deathloop is an action-packed, fast-paced shooter that takes place on the island of Blackreef. In the game, you play Colt Vahn. An assassin placed on a time loop together with the citizens of Blackreef. 

Your main goal? Take out the eight Visionaries to break the current time loop. 

Although the game features a lot of gunfights, Arkane Studio’s assassination game can actually be beaten without using a single weapon on any of the NPCs. 

Deathloop also includes mechanics such as Slabs, Visionary Leads, side quests, and unique weapons to collect that will help you break the loop. If you’ve played Dishonored and Prey, you’ll have an idea of Deathloop’s gameplay. 

However, you might be wondering how you can break the loop without using guns in a game that is supposed to have gunfights. 

Today, we will show you this unique way of playing the game without using guns and powers. 

Let’s get started!

Beat Deathloop Without Guns or Powers

Deathloop’s fantasy setting gives you the option to use a wide variety of guns, gadgets, and powers as you cross off names on your hit list. Compared to Arkane Studios’ previous works, Deathloop works at a much faster pace, with Colt engaging in firefights with hordes of Eternalists. 

beat Deathloop without guns or powers

You can also utilize hacking devices, trinkets, and traps for a more crafty approach for every level. 

Combine that with several Slabs for additional power, and you have a character very much capable of wreaking havoc to the enemies. 

Recently, a YouTube video from McGrouch surfaced online and caught the attention of many Deathloop fans. In the video, McGrouch demonstrates how you can beat Deathloop without firing a single bullet or using Slab abilities. 

As it turns out, the content creator enjoyed Deathloop but found its gameplay too easy. He then decided to challenge himself to finish the game using only the machete as his melee weapon. 

This makes the gameplay much more challenging as he is put to a significant disadvantage against the Eternalists and Visionaries. 

Not to mention the possible invasion of other players masquerading as Julianna. 

Nonetheless, McGrouch was successful in his attempt to complete the perfect loop with only the machete as his weapon. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What type of game is Deathloop?

Deathloop is an action thriller game developed by Arkane Studios. This triple-A title is published by Bethesda Softworks, which puts you on the feet of Colt Vahn. An assassin stuck in Blackreef due to a time loop. 

Is Deathloop on PS4?

The game won’t be coming to the Playstation 4 and is only available for the Playstation 5 and PC. However, it’s possible that the game will make its debut on the PS4 once the exclusivity period with the PS5 is over.

Why is Deathloop not on PS4?

The primary reason why Deathloop is not on the Playstation 4 or any other console is due to the pre-existing deal with Sony and Bethesda, which prevents Deathloop from being released on other consoles than the Playstation 5. 

That is everything to know about how you can beat Deathloop without guns or powers. If you’re up for the task, simply follow MrGrouch’s gameplay. 

If you have other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to respond whenever we can. 

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