How to Beat Azuregos in World of Warcraft

Can’t beat Azuregos in World of Warcraft?

Azshara is located in northeastern Kalimdor, south of Winterspring, east of Ashenvale, and north of Durotar. It’s a stunning coastal area covered in eternal autumn. The trees and other flora are colored in brilliant reds and oranges, and on the coast, you’ll see great cliffs and sandy beach lines. 

Unfortunately, the region’s inhabitants can make life hard for nature lovers. Hiding beneath the beauty of this place are vicious satyr, enraged ghosts, stalking naga, and other wildlife that can quickly end your life if you venture too far. 

beat Azuregos in World of Warcraft

In southeastern Azshara, you’ll encounter Azuregos, one of the world bosses in World of Warcraft. Azuregos is a blue dragon and a trusted servant of the aspect of Malygos. 

Being a blue dragon, he’s interested in magical artifacts and the protection they offer. With this, Azuregos guarded the ancient night elf Ruins of Eldarath in modern-day Azshara. 

In this guide, we will show you how you can beat Azuregos in World of Warcraft. 

Let’s jump right in!

Azuregos World Boss Strategy

Once you engage Azuregos, all DPS and healers on your team must stand at his side within teleport range. Melee players must attack his sides as well to avoid his breath and other frontal attacks. 

beat Azuregos in World of Warcraft

The main tank should keep Azuregos facing parallel to the damage and healer groups. 

Several healers should also be assigned to keep the MTs’ health up while the remaining healers focus on keeping the rest of the raid up. 

During this encounter, everyone needs to be in teleport range when the teleport happens to clear Azuregos’ aggro. Each time he teleports, everyone must run back to their side positions. All DPS and Healers should stop until the main tank gains aggro. 

beat Azuregos in World of Warcraft

Usually, four to five seconds is enough for your MT to gain aggro before the rest of the raid unloads. 

Lastly, don’t forget to use potions and bandages after teleports, and DPS roles should only resume until the teleport happens again. 

Additional Tips

  • If casters need to drink, wait until the next teleport, then run away from the raid. Otherwise, you’ll be the only one on Azuregos’ aggro and he’ll come after you immediately. 
  • Mages must keep themselves buffed with Frost Ward and utilize Scorch. 
  • This entire encounter is mana intensive. 
  • Curse of Elements and Judgement of Wisdom must be on the dragon at all times. 
  • If you have Shamans, mada tide and mana spring should be up if possible. 
  • Greater Frost Protection potions are helpful in this fight. They require 1 Elemental Water, 1 Dreamfoil, and 1 Crystal Vial. 

Azuregos Abilities

Azuregos is immune to frost and arcane spells. His other abilities include: 

  • Teleports himself and other players within 30’ range, which wipes the aggro table.
  • He can also cast blizzard-like spells that burn the mana of casters caught within its range. 
  • Azuregos will still have aggro for players who are out of range when he uses teleport. 
  • Slain players get the ‘Mark of Frost’. Azuregos randomly sends out an AoE pulse that freezes anyone with this mark. 
  • After the teleport, all players would be underneath him and should quickly run out. 
  • Azuregos tends to center his spells at close range. This is why it’s crucial for casters to run a short distance away from the dragon after the teleport. If you’re a mage, you can blink immediately after the teleport. 
  • Azuregos occasionally puts up magic reflection shields that deflect spells back to the caster. The state of this shield will be announced in raid shout if you use raid mods like CT Raid. 

Azuregos Encounter Loot

Defeating Azuregos in World of Warcraft will reward you with the following: 

  • Cold Snap
  • Drape of Benediction
  • Fang of the Mystics
  • Mature Blue Dragon Sinew
  • Snowblind Shoes
  • Unmelting Ice Girdle
  • Crystal Adorned Crown
  • Eskhandar’s Left Claw
  • Puissant Cape
  • Typhoon
  • Blue Sack of Gems

This sums up our guide on how to beat Azuregos in World of Warcraft. If you have questions or other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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