Best Beastmaster Counters in Dota 2

Beastmaster is an amazing melee offlaner. If he is not countered properly, he’ll end up restricting your carry’s farm while pushing Tier 2 towers within the first 20 minutes. His name indicates his ability to control beasts to help him achieve objectives. This article will arm you with the knowledge of the Best Beastmaster Counters in Dota 2.

Best Beastmaster Counters in Dota

For the laning phase, offlaners usually prefer Position 3. These heroes do not require as much Gold or XP as a Carry. Regardless, they are all-rounders that remain relevant throughout the game. Strategically, their goal is to apply the maximum pressure on the safelane. By doing so, they aggressively harass Carry. 

This guide will help you avoid being harassed early on, and pick the right draft to counter this hero. 


Karroch, also known as the Beastmaster, is a melee strength hero. This offlaner hero has a large HP pool and abilities that allow him to gank enemy heroes effectively. He can also farm creep waves and jungle creeps early on. This allows him to catch up in XP and Gold with the rest of the team, fairly quickly. 

Best Beastmaster Counters in Dota

His first ability Wild Axes deals damage to enemy heroes in an arc. The more units the axes hit, the more subsequent damage they deal. This is beneficial when farming stacked creeps. As the more creeps, there are, the more damage the axes will deal. Allowing Beastmaster to clear camps in less than 10 seconds.

His second ability allow him to call forth a wild Boar and Hawk. The Boar deals ranged poisonous DPS. His attacks also slow down enemy heroes. This way both the Boar and Beastmaster can attack fleeing enemy heroes. The hawk provides vision within a 900 radius. The hawk is uncontrollable but once deployed to a location it stays there for 60 seconds, providing vision to Beastmaster and his teammates.

The third ability is passive that increases attack speed for all allies within a radius of Beastmaster. The ultimate ability, Primal Roar is an AOE attack. It deals damage while knocking back enemy heroes, slowing them and their attack speed. It is very useful during team fights as it can force enemy heroes back.


The heroes on this list of Beastmaster counters not only deal with his summons but also Beastmaster himself. Meaning that knowing you drafted one of these heroes against him will ensure you have a good game.



Timbersaw is a melee strength hero. He plays well as a tank and offlaner. Although he may not be laned against Beastmaster, he can rotate to kill him. This hero also plays well against him during the Mid to Late game.

His ability Reactive Armor provides HP regeneration stacks based on the number of attacks received. Since Beastmaster does not have a high damage nuke, he cannot kill Timbersaw. Additionally, Timbersaw has Chakram and other abilities that help him clear away all summons by Beastmaster.

Having no escape Beastmaster could easily fall prey to Timbersaw’s attacks if he’s not careful. 

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is a ranged intelligence support hero. She can be played as a Position 5, which means she will be laning against Beastmaster. This allows her to counter him during the early game. 

Using Frostbite kills Beastmaster’s boar immediately. This provides her with extra Gold and XP. Whereas crystal Nova is an AoE ability that slows down all of Beast’s summons, including himself. Making it hard for him to chase or escape. 

Frostbite, followed by Freezing Field, is an instant kill for Beastmaster. It provides Crystal Maiden with improved self armor while nuking Beastmaster and all his summons. 


Best Beastmaster Counters in Dota 3

Abaddon is another hero who can be played both as a support and a core. Being a melee strength hero, he can also play as an offlaner. His Aphotic Shield saves him from damage being dealt with him. Once the damage crosses a certain threshold, the shield explodes, damaging all those around him. This helps Abaddon clear Beastmaster’s summons.

Should he be engaged with the Primal Roar, his ultimate ability, Borrowed Time, makes killing him incredibly hard. As the move activates automatically, Beastmaster has no choice but to retreat once the damage starts to heal Abaddon. 



Enchantress is a support-ranged hero. She has excellent nuke ability to deal high damage to single target heroes. This damage is fatal to Beastmaster despite him being a tank. Additionally, her ultimate ability Untouchable makes it incredibly hard for Beastmaster and his summons to deal damage to her.

Even after slowing her with Primal Roar, she can be a menace. As she can take control of Beastmaster’s summons and use them against him. Making her a very tough opponent for Beastmaster to deal with.

Winter Wyvern

Best Beastmaster Counters in Dota

Winter Wyvern is another Position 4 hero who lanes against Beastmaster. This counter remains relevant throughout the game, even after the laning stage is over. Her range allows her to harass Beastmaster and his summons during the early game. Making him overspend on regen items.

Cold Embrace gives immunity against Primal Roar and protects heroes against being killed by Beastmaster or his summons. Splinter Blast deals great damage to all those around Beastmaster. This means that his summons is useless against Winter Wyvern.

Lastly, Winter’s Curse’s ultimate ability turns all of Beast’s summons against him, forcing them to attack him. This can be fatal to Beastmaster, depending on how many summons he has active at the moment.



Oracle is a support ranged intelligence hero. He has abilities that can kill Beastmaster summons within a few seconds. His ability, Purifying flames,  can kill Beastmaster’s hawk immediately while the boar can take up to two casts to kill. 

False Promise nullifies Beastmaster’s ultimate ability Primal roar, making it useless to cast and help Oracle’s allies to turn the tables on him.

Sand King

Sand king

Sand King is a great counter to Beastmaster. Not only does he have abilities to clear all of his summonses, but his nuke ability allows him to kill Beastmaster easily. Starting with the Sand Storm, Sand King can defend his towers while damaging all units around him. This means that Beastmaster cannot push any of the towers without killing Sandking first.

Burrowstrike damages or kills all of Beastmaster’s summons isolating him. While caustic finale helps Sandking clear out waves to stop them from pushing towers. 

Lastly, his ultimate ability Epicenter causes AoE damage all around him. This can kill Beastmaster and all of his summonses in a matter of seconds.


Medusa is one of the best Beastmaster counters in Dota 2. Even the statistics show her having the highest win rate against him, and it’s logical as to why that is. All of her abilities are exceptional in taking down Beastmaster.

Firstly, Split Shot deals damage to multiple targets. This clears out all of Beastmaster’s summons easily. If not, she can use Mystic Snake to take mana and deal damage to all those around Beastmaster.

Her Mana shield allows her to soak up a lot of the damage delivered to her, making her a great tank against all of Beastmaster’s attacks. Throughout the game, she remains a credible threat to Beastmaster, one that he cannot do much to fight against.

This list of the Best Beastmaster Counters in Dota 2 takes into account all of his abilities and summons. Effectively, each of these heroes presents a threat to him while neutralizing his own abilities against them. Hopefully, by following this guide on Beastmaster counters in Dota 2, you will be able to win your matches against him while increasing your MMR. 

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