An image of bears in Medieval Dynasty.

Where to Find Bears in Medieval Dynasty

Have you hunted your fair share of bears in Medieval Dynasty?

The open-world setting of Medieval Dynasty means you can do just about anything you want. Different playstyles are all viable in this game. Some people prioritize starting a family early on and building their village as fast as possible. Others may go on adventures, exploring the large map and seeing all the scenery.

Another interesting activity you may want to do is hunting. There are lots of wild animals in the game. You can start by hunting smaller animals like rabbits, deer, or any of the many birds. Once you get better, you can move on to larger predators. Bears are one of the most dangerous animals in Medieval Dynasty, which makes it all the more rewarding to hunt them.

If you want to be the next great bear hunter, check out our quick guide on where to find bears in Medieval Dynasty.


Like we previously mentioned, hunting is one of the major activities you can do in Medieval Dynasty. You can spend dozens of hours trying to hunt every animal in the game. It is also great for finding food for yourself and your family. As your village grows larger, you will need more and more food to feed its citizens.

Here are our best tips on how to hunt bears in Medieval Dynasty.

Bears in Medieval Dynasty

An image of bears in Medieval Dynasty.

Bears are massive, extremely aggressive wild animals in Medieval Dynasty. Just like in real life, these mammals will charge at you and kill you very quickly if you startle them. In Medieval Dynasty, bears are often reserved for master hunters. Beginners will rarely successfully hunt one.

These wild animals are typically found near cave locations. You need to be careful when mining, as a single bear is more than enough to take you out. You will end up losing all your mined resources if you get killed by a bear.

In the storyline, you will eventually encounter a quest that requires you to kill one. A Big Game is the quest for Chapter 8 in Medieval Dynasty. This mission requires you to kill one Wisent, one Moose, and one Bear using a Bow. It rewards players with 1000 Dynasty Reputation and an upgrade to your Development Status. You will be able to build 45 buildings in your village after accomplishing this quest.

Although most players will only try to hunt bears for the A Big Game quest, others are simply dedicated hunters. Regardless of which one you are, bear hunting is a very dangerous endeavor. Fortunately, the rewards may be worth the risk. Each bear you kill and skin will yield 25 pieces of Meat and 10 pieces of Fur.

Bear Locations

An image of the spots where you can find bears in Medieval Dynasty.

Knowing all the bear locations in Medieval Dynasty is beneficial in several ways. First, it lets you be aware and cautious whenever your adventures take you near such a location. You can prepare your weapons or get ready to run from them. Second, it will be easier to find a bear if you plan on hunting one. Finally, making sure you build a village far from these locations will keep you and your family safe.

There are 7 different locations where you can find bears in the game. The southern part of the map has way more bears than the north. However, if you prefer to hunt in the north, you will also find a few locations there. In general, bears prefer mountainous areas, usually near caves.

Near Hornica

An image of the spot near Hornica where you can find bears in Medieval Dynasty.

The easiest location to go to if you are down south is by the city of Hornica. Look at your map, and you should see a large lake just east of the city. Walk all the way to the southern shore of the lake.

You should see mountain ranges to the southeast. If you walk around long enough, you should see at least a couple of bears. Just make sure you have all the necessary equipment to take one down. However, be careful, as there is less cover in this area, which makes it very easy for bears to spot you before you notice them.

North of Jezerica

An image of the town of Jezerica.

Jezerica is another city that lies near a large lake. Luckily, the bears’ location is much closer to this city than the one near Hornica. You just need to walk a couple of minutes to the northeast.

Once you reach the mountains, you are already in the vicinity where bears typically spawn. There are also two other locations you can visit in case you do not find bears here.

Walk much further northeast until you reach the other end of the mountain ranges. You should see a wide valley. This is right in between two areas where you can hunt bears. Always keep an eye out, as there may be more bears here than in any other location.

How to Hunt a Bear

An image of hunting.

Now that you know where to find bears, you should learn how to survive against one. As one of the largest animals in Medieval Dynasty, they are quite easy to hit with Bows or Spears. However, bears are very strong, so Bows are not really that effective against them.

You will want to use Spears to kill a bear. Spears break quite easily in this game, so try to bring as many as you can when hunting bears. Sneak around the area until you spot a bear. You need to be extra careful not to let one see you and charge before you are ready.

Once you have a target, try to move as close to it as possible without alerting it. Next, aim right for its head. If you hit it in the head, the bear will move a lot slower than normal. You can then throw another spear. It only takes two headshots to kill but may take a few more if you only hit its body.

If you happen to miss your first shot, you may want to consider just running away from it. It only takes a few hits from a bear to kill you. They are also more difficult to hit if they are charging. It is best to run and return later to look for another target.

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