An image of the Be True Emblem in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Be True Emblem in Destiny 2

Have you obtained the Be True emblem in Destiny 2 yet?

As we get into Season 12 of Destiny 2, there are more and more things to earn and discover in the game. You can do many of the immersive and explorative storyline missions. Some players also prefer to grind in competitive mode and climb the ranks as quickly as possible.

Another way to spend your time in Destiny 2 is by collecting some emblems. To do this, you just need to do a few simple steps. The Be True Emblem is one of the best and most meaningful emblems in Destiny 2 to date. This emblem was first released in November 2021 to celebrate trans pride and Transgender Awareness Week.

Destiny 2

An image of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is one of the most unique first-person shooters in the world of video games today. While it retains all the aspects of first person shooters that fans love, it also adds its own unique twist to spice up the genre. You can play the usual competitive modes to climb up the ranks. In addition to that, there is also an immersive storyline with very interesting characters that you definitely want to get to know.

In terms of gameplay, there are several different game modes you can try. You can play in different player versus player (PvP), player versus environment (PvE), or even free roam mode for some storyline quests. There are also character classes to consider in Destiny 2. Hunter, Warlocks, and Titans all have different skill sets and perks that you will learn as you play.

Unlike most other first person shooters, the game’s weapons are divided into both classes and power types. For example, there are Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons. Primary weapons are mostly Kinetic and Energy, while heavier weapons like shotguns, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers are typically Power-type weapons.

The game was developed by Bungie and published by Activion in 2017. However, Bungie has taken over publishing rights since 2019, making Destiny 2 free-to-play and available on all platforms. You can play the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft Windows, and Stadia. Destiny 2 combines elements of competitive first person shooters, MMOs, and RPGs, making it a unique competitive game.

Be True Emblem

An image of the Be True Emblem in Destiny 2.

As previously mentioned, the Be True emblem in Destiny 2 was released in commemoration of Transgender Awareness Week as well as the Transgender Day of Remembrance. To celebrate trans pride, Bungie released this emblem on November 11, 2021.

As a special event and commemoration emblem, there is no need to do quests or any battles to receive this emblem. You also do not have to achieve anything through competitive PvP or PvE modes. Instead, there are just a few simple steps you need to take to obtain this emblem in Destiny 2. All these steps are completely free and will only take you a few minutes.

Login to Bungie

An image of logging in to the Bungie website.

The very first step is to go to and log into your account. To do this, look for the My Account button near the top right of your screen. Select the platform you use to play Destiny 2 and login using your account credentials. If you do not have an account yet, you can click on Join Up and make one.

If you have problems logging into your account or accessing the Bungie website, try it again on mobile or vice-versa.

Note: If you happen to play on Stadia, it is set to be removed from the Bungie website by January 18, 2023, so redeem your Be True emblem as soon as possible.

Redeem Codes

An image of how to redeem codes.

After successfully logging into your Destiny 2 account, look for your player icon. This is also found on the top right of your screen. Once you click on your player icon, you should see an option for Redeem Codes. Click on that and wait for a window to pop up.

Once you see the code redemption window, enter the following code: ML3-FD4-ND9. After typing in the code, hit Redeem and you should receive your Be True emblem within a few seconds or minutes.

Check Out Your New Emblem

An image of the Be True Emblem in Destiny 2.

After redeeming your Be True emblem on the Bungie website, you must confirm whether you received it. Open up Destiny 2 and go to your Collections tab. Next, click on Flair and then the General tab. Look for the Be True emblem and click on it to add it to your inventory.

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