An image of a Barn in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Build a Barn in Medieval Dynasty

Have you learned how to build a Barn in Medieval Dynasty yet?

Building your village and community is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Medieval Dynasty. Many players enjoy other activities like mining, fishing, and exploring the map, but developing your own town is something you can spend dozens or even hundreds of hours on without getting bored.

Once you start recruiting villagers and assigning jobs, you will eventually encounter the opportunity to build a Barn. This is one of the most important buildings that you need for Farming. A Barn will let you assign your villagers as either Barn Workers or Farmers. Here, they can do things like work the fields, thresh your harvested crops, and mill flour. With a Barn, you can also craft some new items that are relevant to Farming.

If you want to begin your journey to being an expert Farmer, check out our quick guide on how to build a Barn in Medieval Dynasty.


An image of a farm in Medieval Dynasty.

Farming is one of the six major skills that you can develop in Medieval Dynasty. By performing tasks related to this skill, you will earn Skill Points that you can eventually spend on their technology tree. Farming, in particular, is divided into four different Tiers of activities or skills.

In Tier 1, you have Farming Knowledge, Skilled Farmer, and Careful Farmer. Farming Knowledge helps you earn more Skill Points when doing Farming activities. When you upgrade to Skilled Farmer, you increase your chances of a higher yield when harvesting crops. Finally, Careful Farmer slows the rate at which your Farming tools lose their durability.

For Tier 2, you have Village Whistleblower and Farming Master. When you purchase Village Whistleblower, you can summon your mount just by whistling. Farming Master lets you spend much less stamina whenever you use Farming tools. You spend 10%, 20%, and 30% less stamina for each tier of Farming Master. Tier 3 of Farming has Farmer’s Trance, Skilled Rider, and Skilled Orchardman.

By accomplishing Tier 3, you will be able to increase your rate at doing Farming activities, waste less stamina when riding your mount, and increase the yield from orchards. Finally, Tier 4 is focused on improving your horse-riding experience. Carrot and Stick lets your mount carry 10 kg to 30 kg more weight. Night Rider increases the speed at which your horse runs.

Barn in Medieval Dynasty

An image of a Barn in Medieval Dynasty.

The Barn is a tier 1 Farming building that basically starts off the Farming industry for your village. It allows you to assign your villagers as either Farmers or Barn Workers. For each Barn building, you can assign a total of 4 Farmers and Barn Workers as well as one Apprentice.

A Barn has a storage capacity of 250 kg, which is a lot in the beginning, but fills up quickly once your village grows bigger. You will have to upgrade or construct some more buildings to keep up with your storage demands in the future. You unlock your first Barn at 10 Farming tech points, so you are still in the early stages of your Medieval Dynasty journey.

Just like any other industrial infrastructure, you will also have to pay yearly taxes for your Barn. Depending on your development stage, you will pay anywhere from 3 to 60 Coins annually for it.

Your Barn will come with a Workbench for crafting, a Quern for making some flour, as well as a Threshing Floor for your crops. Threshing produces grain out of your crops but also yields some Straw as a by-product, which you can use to make Animal Feed and other items.

Barn Output

An image of Animal Feed which you can produce in your Barn in Medieval Dynasty.

As a Farming building, your Barn can produce quite a number of items that you can use for further crafting, selling, or consumption for your village.

You can make Animal Feed in your Barn using Oat Grain, Rye Grain, and Straw. To get some Grain, simply thresh your crops. Each piece of Oat, Rye, and Wheat will yield one piece of Grain as well as some Straw as a by-product. With the ability to make Grain and eventually Animal Feed, you can sustain all your animals even through winter. You just need to store all the Feed and raw materials in your Barn until you need them.

Players can also make some Daub, which is great for insulating walls, using Straw and Clay. If you have some Flax, you can make some Flax Seed and Flax Stalk as well. Fertilizer is very important in Farming and you can make some of that using either Manure or Rot.

Use the Quern to craft Flour out of your Wheat Grain, Rye Grain, or Oat Grain. There is a different amount of yield for each crop. 5 Wheat Grain yields 10 Flour, while the same amount of Oat and Rye Grain only yield half of that.

How to Build a Barn

An image of how to build a Barn in Medieval Dynasty.

As soon as you earn 10 Farming tech points, you can now build a Barn. You will need to build five different parts of this building, each with their own material requirements.

You need to build one piece of Foundation, which will cost you 12 Stones. For the Framing, you also just need to build one using 10 pieces of Logs. The Wattle Wall is easy to build since you only need 1 Log and 8 Sticks, but you also need to make eight of them. The Thatch Roof costs 1 Log and 8 Straws and you will need to build six units of it. Finally, the Wooden Interior, which you only need to be build once, requires 10 Logs.

To build your Barn, press Q while you are in the game. Drag towards the “Building” option and look for the Farming tab. Select the Barn option and build your Barn in your ideal spot.

After you have built your Barn completely, it is time to try and insulate it. You need your Hammer and 8 pieces of Daub for each wall in your Barn. Use your Hammer and click on the “Add Insulation” mode to complete this process.

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