Best Automaton Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

Want to know the best Automaton loadout in Call of Duty Warzone?

The addition of Vanguard to Call of Duty Warzone introduced many new weapons, mechanics, vehicles, and attachment options. While some weapons couldn’t surpass expectations, others caught the game by storm. One such weapon is the Automaton, and this article tells the best Automaton loadout, which makes it so popular amongst players.


Best Automaton Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

The recent update of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard introduced the Automaton assault rifle to the players. While other assault rifles in the game received massive nerfs, the Automaton was a blessing for players because of its stats. Overall, the Automaton deserves to be called one of the best assault rifles in Warzone.

Automaton is an assault rifle with an extremely easy recoil that players can learn and handle without problems. However, it doesn’t rival other assault rifles in the fast time-to-kill or damage output category. Fortunately, the best Automaton loadout attachments counter these problems and make it much more powerful.

The proper customization increases the accuracy while also boosting its already high recoil control. This allows the player to shoot enemies at mid to long-range effortlessly. Furthermore, these attachments boost its fire rate and effective damage range, making this weapon fatal against any opponent in sight. 

Best Automaton Attachments:

Best Automaton Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone
  • Barrel: Anastasia Sniper
  • Muzzle: MX Silencer
  • Optic: G16 2.5x
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop
  • Stock: ZAC Skeletal
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Magazine: 6.5mm Sakura 75 Round Drums
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened
  • Perk 1: Tight Grip
  • Perk 2: Fully Loaded

The Anastasia Sniper barrel significantly increases the bullet velocity, effective damage range, and overall accuracy of this weapon. This helps the player kill enemies at mid to long-range easily. However, it decreases the hip-fire accuracy, but that doesn’t matter as this build is specifically for mid to long-range. So ADS is more important than hip-fire.

MX Silencer is the best muzzle for this build as it further boosts the overall accuracy of the weapon. This allows the player to hit all his shots precisely and get easy eliminations. Besides this, it provides sound suppression that conceals the player’s position. Next is the G16 2.5x optic which also increases the accuracy and recoil control.

The G16 2.5x optic also provides a good zoom with a clear picture which helps in mid to long-range fights. In addition, the ZAC Skeletal is good for players who strafe when aiming as it gives a boost in that ability. 

Polymer Grip further improves the recoil control and flinch resistance and better accuracy when the player receives enemy fire. The 6.5mm Sakura 75 Round Drums significantly increase the clip size of the Automaton. This increase in bullets allows the player to take down entire enemy squads.

The Lengthened ammo type increases the bullet velocity, increasing effectiveness at mid to long-range. Lastly, the Tight Grip perk increases the recoil control while the player is under attack and boosts accuracy. Fully Loaded gives maximum ammo when the player equips this loadout which works best with the Drum Mag in this build.

Secondary Weapon for The Automaton

Best Automaton Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

The Automaton is one of the best assault rifles in the game because of the boosts of its attachments. However, the primary weapon isn’t the only thing important in the loadout. Specifically, having a reliable secondary weapon that covers up the shortcomings of the primary weapon is important. 

The MAC-10 or the Welgun SMG are fast-firing close-range weapons that perfectly synergize with the Automaton. With this in mind, below are the attachments for the secondary weapon for the best Automaton loadout in the Call of Duty Warzone.

Best MAC-10 Class:

  • Barrel: 6.5” Cavalry Lancer
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 53 Rnd Drum

MAC-10 is one of the best SMGs in the game because of its amazing fire rate and damage output. However, it has high recoil and low range, making it hard to control. Fortunately, proper customization of the MAC-10 counters these negatives and makes it lethal against all opponents.

The 6.5” Cavalry Lancer is the best barrel attachment for this MAC-10 build because of the stats it offers. In particular, the massive boost to the effective damage range allows players to take down opponents at close to mid-range easily. In addition, it increases damage output to vehicles so the player can swiftly blow up vehicles.

Agency Suppressor is another attachment that improves recoil control and bullet velocity, increasing the overall damage output at close quarters. It further increases the effective damage range, increasing the effectiveness at close to mid-range. Moreover, it provides sound suppression, which hides the position of the player.

The Raider Stock enhances the overall mobility of MAC-10. Specifically, it increases the boosts the sprint to fire time, aim walking movement speed, and ADS firing move speed. These enhancements allow the player to run and gun the opponent and outmaneuver them while receiving enemy fire. 

The Field Agent Grip underbarrel significantly improves the recoil control of the MAC-10. This allows the player to take down opponents without losing control of the weapon easily. Lastly, the STANAG 53 Rnd Drum magazine completes this build by remarkably increasing the clip size. All these attachments make this the best MAC-10 build.

Perks and Equipment

Best Automaton Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

Proper weapons and their perfect customization are very important for the best loadout. However, these aren’t the only factors the player should worry about. In particular, perks and equipment can be the defining factor for a win in Warzone. With this in mind, below are the best perks and equipment for the best Automaton loadout in Warzone.

  • E.O.D
  • Overkill (If you want two primary weapons) or Ghost
  • Combat Scout
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

Perk 1 should be E.O.D as it remarkably increases the player’s survivability. In addition, it also decreases the damage from enemy killstreaks which can come in clutch if someone throws a Cluster Strike.

Perk 2 has two great options, depending on the player’s playstyle. First is Overkill which allows the player to equip two primary weapons from the same loadout. This helps the player get two powerful weapons and can make a difference in a fight. At the same time, Ghost hides the player from enemy UAVs and other detection tools.

Perk 3 is Combat Scout, which is important because it allows the player to detect enemies behind cover. Specifically, it highlights the target the player hits which reveals the enemy and the player’s squad can then finish off the enemy.

Semtex works well with this loadout as it helps deal massive explosive damage to enemies. It also has good synergy with the Heartbeat Sensor. The player can detect opponents with the Sensor and flush them out with the Semtex.

The Automaton is an amazing weapon on its own. However, the perfect customization takes this weapon to the next level. Hopefully, this guide on the best Automaton loadout in Call of Duty Warzone will help you win all your future games with this assault rifle.

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