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Guide to Arcade Mode in MultiVersus

Have you tried playing on the new Arcade Mode in MultiVersus?

MultiVersus is only in Season 1, but developers have been quick to update the game with balancing, new characters, and a brand new game mode. For more competitive players, the addition of a new Ranked mode is exactly what they were waiting for. They can now see how well they match up with the rest of the player base.

For others, however, there is another game mode that can be more fun and less toxic to play. With the addition of the Classic Arcade Mode in MultiVersus, players can play cooperatively against AI. The further you get into the ladder, the more powerful the AI will be.

If you’re interested in learning more about this all new game mode, check out our quick guide on Arcade Mode in MultiVersus.

Arcade Mode in Platform Fighting Games

An image of Arcade Mode in Platform Fighting Games.

While the MultiVersus developers Player First Games has not yet released the exact specifics on Arcade Mode, we can make several assumptions based on other popular platform fighting games. One of the most popular platform fighting games of all time is the Street Fighter series. This franchise is considered a pioneer of the genre, so we can assume that their Arcade Mode is also the standard for that of MultiVersus.

In the Street Fighter franchise’s Arcade Mode, players will go on a journey of fighting AI-controlled opponents in each stage. Battles will normally start off easy, but the Computer gets stronger as you progress. At specific points in your journey, you might encounter rivals. These are characters that have personal or plot-based relationships with the character you are playing with. They may also be minor bosses or main villains.

After defeating enough opponents, players will find themselves in boss fights. Bosses are typically a lot more powerful than everyone else you have encountered in the game. Because of this, some games will give you multiple tries against boss characters. 

In some difficulty levels, you may even get unlimited tries as long as you do not quit Arcade Mode. Another common feature is having a fixed number of lives that you keep for the entire Arcade Mode playthrough.

Some of the most popular Street Fighter Arcade Mode boss characters include Sagar, Shin Akuma, M. Bison, Seth, and Q.

Arcade Mode in MultiVersus

An image of Arcade Mode in MultiVersus.

The Arcade Mode in MultiVersus is expected to be single player in nature, with the possibility of a two-player cooperative mode. As expected, this mode includes several levels of difficulty. Easy, Medium, and Hard should be the standard levels unless developers decide to add a bonus level in the game.

There will be 10 stages in Arcade Mode, where you will be facing a different character for each round. Because there is a slight imbalance in the power levels of characters in MultiVersus, it is expected that you will encounter weaker Fighters early on. Then, you’ll be facing the most broken and overpowered characters in the end stages. Apart from that, there is also said to be another factor that determines which Fighters you will face.

The rivalries and relationships between characters will matter in Arcade Mode. That means you are much likely to face a Fighter from the same media universe as your character. Superman will probably have to fight Batman, Wonder Woman, or Harley Quinn at some point in the journey. LeBron James might have to face off with Looney Tunes and Space Jam: A New Legacy characters Bugs Bunny and Taz.

Whether or not players will be able to engage in 2v2 Arcade Mode partnering with an AI-controlled Fighter is unknown. It has also not been announced whether Arcade Mode will come with a cooperative mode for tag-team fights.

Strategies For This Mode

An image of Perks.

There are several ways to tackle Arcade Mode in MultiVersus. Because of the many different factors that can affect your Fighter’s performance, a basic understanding of each one is important. First, you need to choose a Fighter that you have at least partially mastered. Knowing how your Fighter fares against the rest of the competition is key to success.

Second, you must take note of who your Fighter is most likely to face in Arcade Mode. If you are playing as Batman, you will certainly end up battling against Superman, Wonder Woman, or Harley Quinn. You need to learn how to play against each of these Fighters. Learning the best strategies against each one will make your Arcade Mode journey much easier.

Next, character class matchups are crucial. For example, Support Fighters will struggle heavily against powerful 1v1 classes like Bruisers, Assassins, or Tanks. However, you will have a chance against Mages. On the other hand, Tanks are very difficult to use against mobile Fighters like Assassins.

Finally, you need to figure out a balanced pre-match setup for Perks. These are game changers and can definitely decide whether you win or lose a certain matchup. Equipping a completely ineffective Perk against your next opponent will greatly decrease your odds of winning. We suggest going with powerful yet neutral type Perks for a smoother Arcade Mode journey.

Some Good Characters for Arcade Mode

We cannot stress the importance of choosing a great character to play Arcade Mode in MultiVersus with. Because you will not be able to switch characters in the middle of Arcade Mode, you need to find one that you are confident will be strong until the end.

Batman is one of the best Bruisers in the game and is also a top tier Fighter overall. Bruisers are already one of the best classes in the game and having the best of them just makes your Arcade Mode journey easier. 

Tanks are also good for 1v1 battles simply because of how durable they are. If you prefer this class, you can try using Superman or Wonder Woman. These DC Universe superheroes are the two best Tanks for individual fights because they can pull off different playstyles. Both Fighters are basically hybrids between Bruisers and Tanks since they can definitely hold their own without need for an Assassin or Support teammate.

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