An image of the Amber Pearl locations in Valheim.

Amber Pearl Locations in Valheim

How many Coins have you made from these Amber Pearl Locations in Valheim?

While many Valheim players focus on adventures, combat, sailing, or even cooking, others prefer to try and get rich quick. These types of players will try anything to get their hands on the several Valuables in the game. You can try collecting some Silver Necklaces, Rubies, or Amber Pearls if that is your style.

For those looking for some Silver Necklaces, you will end up exploring the different graveyards and dungeons in Valheim’s multiple biomes. If you prefer to collect Amber Pearls instead, you could check similar places and a couple of other places in the Black Forest biome. Collect some Amber Pearls and start your journey to becoming one of Valheim’s richest Vikings.

If you want to get pretty wealthy, check out our detailed guide on the different Amber Pearl Locations in Valheim.

Amber Pearls

An image of Amber Pearls.

There are currently only a few Valuable items available in Valheim. These are essentially items with significant value that you can trade for some Coins. You can only choose from Silver Necklaces, Rubies, Amber, Amber Pearls, and Coins. Each of them has different values, with Silver Necklaces currently being the most expensive.

You can sell Amber Pearls to the Dwarf Trader Haldor for 10 Coins each. These items are quite easy to transport, so you should not have a problem visiting Haldor’s Camp. Each Amber Pearl only weighs 0.1 pounds, and you can stack up to 50 in each inventory slot. You will end up traveling to different places. Luckily, you can bring Amber Pearls through teleporters.

These items cannot be used to craft anything for now, but we never know what future updates will bring. For now, all you can do is trade them to Haldor. First, you have to find the Dwarf’s location. There are 10 possible spawn locations for Haldor, all in the Black Forest. However, you are free to choose which one. Just approach one of the locations, and it will be the new permanent spot for Haldor’s Camp.

Amber Pearl Locations in Valheim

Just like with the Silver Necklace, there are multiple locations where you can find some Amber Pearls in Valheim. You can check out the Burial Chambers, Troll Caves, Sunken Crypts, Stone Graves, and Viking Graveyards. These locations are found in different biomes, so you may have to do a bit of adventuring.

To find exactly where the Amber Pearls are in each location, check out our detailed guide below.

Burial Chambers

An image of the Burial Chambers, one of the Amber Pearl Locations in Valheim.

The Burial Chambers are one of the several dungeons found in Valheim.  Located in the Black Forest biome, these dungeons are home to several valuable items and loot. They are quite dark and can spawn some Ghosts and Skeletons inside, so make sure to bring a torch and maybe a weapon.

The maze-like hallways can be very confusing for beginners, so it is best to go with a friend or two that know the place very well. This is one of the most common places where players look for the rare Surtling Cores, but for this article, we are focusing on Amber Pearls.

Luckily, you also have a 20% chance of finding about 10 to 30 Coins in the Burial Chambers. In case you do not come across some Amber Pearls, these Coins should make up for it.

There are usually 3 Skeletons protecting each Burial Chamber, but they are quite easy to kill. They do not respawn after being killed, so you only have to deal with them once.

Troll Caves

An image of the Troll Caves, one of the Amber Pearl Locations in Valheim.

Another type of dungeon found in the Black Forest biome, Troll Caves, are, well, home to some scary Trolls. These are large rock formations with a wide entrance. You will typically see bone piles around the entryway, so look out for those.

Trolls are quite powerful, aggressive creatures, so it is best to bring some good weapons, armor, and maybe even a team with you. Each cave can have at most only a single Troll inside. If you get lucky, it may even be empty. Thankfully, Trolls also cannot enter or leave the cave, so they are stuck where they currently are.

If you find a Troll outside an empty cave, you can enter there to hide. It is also possible to build a Campfire inside, so you can cook some food for recovery. Besides the usual Stones, you can also find Bone Fragments, Coins, Leather Scraps, Rubies, Amber, and Amber Pearls in these dungeons.

Sunken Crypts

An image of the Sunken Crypts.

The Sunken Crypts are another type of dungeon, but this time in the Swamps biome. These dangerous areas are home to several creatures like Blobs, Draugrs, and Draugr Elites.

Several rooms divided by Muddy Scrap Piles make up the Sunken Crypts. You will need a Pickaxe to break them and explore the Sunken Crypts. There are multiple Chests in the dungeons, each with a 9.5% chance to spawn about 1 to 3 Amber Pearls. There are also Ambers, Ancient Barks, Chains, Coins, Ironhead Arrows, Poison Arrows, Rubies, Scrap Iron, and Withered Bones in these Chests.

Stone Graves

An image of a Stone Grave.

Stone Graves are giant makeshift graves found in the Meadows biome. You will recognize them as a large flat rocks surrounded by vertical stone formations. To find the treasure under, you need to break the stones and begin digging in the ground.

The Chests under can contain valuable items like Amber, Coins, Rubies, Silver Necklaces, and Amber Pearls. A Skeleton will spawn inside sometimes. However, it will not attack you since it is stuck to some rocks. You should be able to take it out with just a couple of hits with a decent weapon.

Viking Graveyards

An image of a Viking Graveyard.

Finally, you will see Viking Graveyards as longship-shaped rock formations in the Meadows biome. Just like Stone Graves, you must mine through these formations to get to the treasure.

To find a Viking Graveyard, look for some larger stones that are surrounding a longship shape. There can be trees or smaller stones spawning in the middle of the formation, so it may be harder to recognize. Just ignore the trees and look for the large rock formation.

Mine through the Viking Graveyard to find Chests underground. There is a 20% chance of finding one or two Amber Pearls. Other than that, there is also a 20% chance of finding some Coins, Rubies, Silver Necklaces, or Fire Arrows in different quantities.

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