All Trophies and Achievements in The Devil in Me

Did you know that there are trophies and achievements in The Devil In Me? After reading this post, you will learn how to unlock them.

Dark Pictures game called The Devil In Me is an interactive game where characters have to survive by escaping the killer who will try to kill them.

This game focuses on the players’ decision-making skills since there are outcomes that would result in a character’s death.

Additionally, like any other game, completing the game gives the players different trophies and achievements that make them different from other players. These awards are divided into categories depending on the scenario you will successfully clear. Moreover, there are a total of 30 trophies that you can acquire.

Moreover, these trophies are categorized into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It is based on the difficulty of how you could unlock the trophy. Take note that You could unlock only one Platinum trophy later in the game.

If you want a complete guide on obtaining these trophies and achievements, below is the list of all you can achieve through specific accomplishments. So without further ado, let’s discuss different awards based on categories.

Story Mode

Trophies and Achievements in story mode

These trophies and achievements are the easiest ones since you can unlock them even if you’re just starting the game. It doesn’t require any conditions to accomplish, unlike the other achievements. Below are all of them with their descriptions on how you will unlock them.

  • Murder Castle – unlocks when you complete the prologue.
  • Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay – unlocks when you complete the Solo Story.
  • Unhappy Ending – You can achieve this when all of the characters die.
  • Shocking – Unlocks when you successfully fix all of the fuse boxes.
  • Handy – unlocks when you gain all inventory items.
  • Investigator – opens when you find all Silver Frame Secrets. 
  • Camera Shy – unlocks when you see all Black Framed Pictures.
  • Photogenic – unlocks when you find all White Framed Pictures.
  • Man of Many Interests – opens when you find all Du’Met’s business cards.
  • Collector – unlocks when you see all Secrets.
  • I Like Money – unlocks when you have collected 200 Obols
  • Happy Ending – opens when all characters survived

Conditional Trophies and Achievements

Trophies and Achievements in specific scenes

Unlike the Story Mode trophies and achievements, these trophies require a specific scenario for you to unlock them. As you progress to the game, you will face different scenes and have several options to decide that could have different outcomes in the game. 

Take note that some of these achievements can be acquired when characters die. So there’s no other way to unlock all of it when you don’t want to have a dead character. Below is the list of trophies and achievements and their description of how you can unlock them.

  • Happier Ending – unlocks when Connie the Dog survives and escapes the island.
  • Phoenix – unlocks when Charlie survives the Furnace room.
  • Shattering Expectations – unlocks when Kate and Jamie survive the glass wall scene.
  • Hark! – unlocks when you’ve fixed the lighthouse using Mark as the character.
  • Guilty – unlocks when you didn’t trust Charlie and died.
  • Award-Worthy – unlocks when Kate falls for Du’Met’s impersonation.
  • The Cycle Continues – unlocks when Mark agrees to Du’Met’s proposal.
  • 0451 – unlocks when Jamie resets the last fusebox.
  • Lend Me A Hand? – unlocks when Charlie’s hand is crushed.
  • Sparks – unlocks when Jamie and Erin kiss each other.
  • Can You Pet The Dog? – unlocks when you don’t kill Connie, the dog, when you meet her.
  • Rekindled – unlocks when Kate and Mark fix their relationship.
  • Extinguished – unlocks when Jamie sacrifices herself in the glass wall scene.
  • Ignited – unlocks when Jamie saves Erin from suffocation in the Breathless chapter.
  • Until Death Do Us Part 2 – unlocks when Jeff and Marie die together.
  • Toasty – unlocks when you say encouraging words to Charlie when he’s making a speech.
  • Crime Scene Photographer – unlocks when you find all of Mark’s photo opportunities.
  • Say Cheese! – unlocks when you take a photo of each crew member.

Ending Trophies and Achievements

Ending trophies

The Architect trophy is the last achievement that you can obtain. It is not easy as you think because to unlock this, you have to get all the other trophies in the game.


Since it requires all other trophies stated above, it will also require more hours of playing, which is undoubtedly the most difficult to unlock.

There you go. That would be the end of this post. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot in this article, especially on trophies and achievements that you can unlock in The Devil In Me. All you have to do is look at the specific award above that you want to acquire, and the description beside it will tell you how to unlock it.

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