All Sacred Seals in Elden Ring

Want to know about all the Sacred Seals you can find in Elden Ring?

FromSoftware’s dark-fantasy RPG Elden Ring was released with a lot of hype and has since been getting patched to streamline more elements and mechanics into the game. Nonetheless, the same brand of difficulty is expected throughout the player’s journey in The Lands Between. 

This makes it important for players to obtain any item that can give them an advantage, like the Sacred Seal weapons. 

These unique weapons in Elden Ring are used to cast Incantations, which are tied to players’ Faith stat. There are nine Sacred Seals in the game, and each of them offers something worthwhile for players to enjoy depending on their build. 

In this guide, we’ve listed down all the Sacred Seals that players can get in Elden Ring. 

Let’s get right into it!

Frenzied Flame Seal

Similar to other types of items and weapons, including Elden Ring’s Legendary Talismans, players’ mileage could vary in terms of how competent their gear performs. Character class builds often dictate this, and the Frenzied Flame Seal is one such weapon that has an amazing payoff if you know how to use it. 

Frenzied Flame Seal

The Frenzied Flame Seal may not be beginner-friendly, but this Seal provides great buffs to the Frenzied Flame Incantations. These abilities stack Madness on enemies, causing them to lose HP over time. 

The Incantations that this seal buffs are very specific and demand big investment into Faith, but it’s useful for players with the right build and situational awareness. 

Finger Seal

For players who are looking for a solid early-game Sacred Seal, the Finger Seal is a decent option. It is also likely going to be the first Seal that new players will encounter in Elden Ring.

Finger Seal

The Finger Seal is also the easiest seal to find, making it a great option alongside other advantages, like Elden Ring’s wide catalog of Spirit Summons. You can use the Finger Seal to tackle enemies in Limgrave and even Liurnia of the Lakes. 

The Finger Seal is good for players that want to invest slightly in Faith while still focusing on their other stats like Strength. 

Giant’s Seal

The Giant’s Seal is another worthwhile weapon for any player who is looking to create a character that is focused on using Pyromancies. The caveat, though, is that it is a fairly late-game pickup. 

Giant's Seal

As the name suggests, the Giant’s Seal gives buffs to fire Incantations used by the Fire Giants. The timing of when players pick this up is particularly useful for one Incantation. You can use the Giant’s Seal to boos the effect of Burn O Flame Incantation. 

Godslayer’s Seal

As far as story progression goes, the Godslayer’s Seal is another Sacred Seal found in the early stages of the game. It is found in the first major story-focused dungeon, Stormveil Castle. Players will have to use a Stonesword Key to find it, which are some of Elden RIng’s most useful items to collect. 

all sacred seals in elden ring

The Godslayer’s Seal demands high Faith and has a somewhat niche specialization but still gives a decent boost to other abilities if you are looking to create a Faith built that can cast a variety of spells and Incantations. 

Gravel Stone Seal

Like the aforementioned Giant’s Seal, the Gravel Stone Seal is also a late-game weapon in Elden Ring. This is also quite challenging to find since one of its prerequisites is to unlock the lift that leads to Altus Plateau. 

Gravel Stone Seal

However, the Lightning-based buffs it has to offer are great for some late-game enemy encounters in The Lands Between. 

The investment required into the Faith stat isn’t as high as other Sacred Seals, and it provides a modest boost to all Dragon Cult-based Incantations. 

Golden Order Seal

The Golden Order Seal is another excellent choice for players that need to maximize their spellcasting output. It is also great for hybrid Intelligence and Faith builds, which should allow characters to effectively cast both schools of magic in The Lands Between. 

all sacred seals in elden ring

While there is no daunting boss fight to get the Golden Order Seal, players will need to progress to the mid-to-late game area of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. 

As players would expect, the Golden Order Incantatio works best with the Golden Order Seal. It’s a Seal that will require patience in terms of progression into the game’s story but will surely pay off. 

Dragon Communion Seal

The Dragon Communion Seal boosts Fire-based Incantations associated with the titular congregation. It is also one of the best options when it comes to players who want to make use of both Faith and Arcane stats. 

all sacred seals in elden ring

Conveniently enough, the Dragon Communion Seal is also one of the earliest Sacred Seals players can find in Elden Ring. 

Combining the Dragon Communion Seal’s affinity toward Dragon Communion Incantations, it is easily one of the best in the game. 

Clawmark Seal

Similar to the Dragon Communion Seal, the Clawmark can also be the first Sacred Seal for players. Thanks to its stat scaling, the Clawmark Seal is another great option for players that want a hybrid build that dips into Faith and Strength. 

all sacred seals in elden ring

Compared to the Finger Seal, the Clawmark is an even stronger and more versatile early-game option. 

To obtain the Clawmark Seal, players will need to defeat the Tibia Mariner and bring the Deathroot it drops to D, Hunter of the Dead. 

Erdtree Seal

Since Sacred Seals are used by players putting focus on Faith, the Erdtree Seal is arguably the most competent for those who are looking to specialize in it. This Seal is found in the Volcano Manor, and while that is normally a late-game area, following Mya’s quest will get you there the fastest. 

all sacred seals in elden ring

Something worth noting is that the Erdtree Seal doesn’t provide any extra buffs to specific Incantations than what it already provides for all of them. 

That ends our list of all the Sacred Seals in Elden Ring. For your questions and other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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