All Map Fragment Locations in Elden Ring

Want to know all the map fragment locations in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring map fragments are a crucial part of your adventure in The Lands Between. These fragments turn those grey expanses in your map into colorful regions filled with enemy-infested landmarks, dungeons, and vital items. 

Most of the earlier map fragments in the game are relatively easy to find. However, once you start exploring underground areas and secret paths, grabbing every region map can get a little difficult. 

If you are above ground, each map fragment should be highlighted with a handy pillar, and you can see these if you explore enough of the gray areas on the map. 

However, this is not the case when you go underground. Each map fragment beneath is located on a corpse, and you could easily miss it if you aren’t looking hard enough during your exploration. 

In this guide, we will show you all the map fragment locations in Elden Ring to help you explore The Lands Between faster. 

Let’s get right into it!


all map fragment locations in elden ring
  • West Limgrave – the map fragment in West Limgrave can be grabbed from a body by the pillar with text at the center of the Gatehouse Ruins camp. You can use Torrent to run through and grab it if you don’t want to deal with the enemies found inside. 
  • East Limgrave – head south from the Third Church of Marika and along the road through Mistwood. You will find the pillar at the side of the road. 

Weeping Peninsula

In Weeping Peninsula, you must head south from East Limgrave across the Bridge of Sacrifice and keep following the path. After a while, you should pass a wrecked carriage, a troll, and some dogs and spot a merchant before reaching a broken wall where you can see a castle in the distance. 

Weeping Peninsula

The map pillar in this location should be in front of you to the right of the road. Be careful of the Ruin Golem archer in this location. 


From the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace, you should head east along the road. While traveling, you should pass a ruined caravan before it veers southwards past the Caelem Ruins, the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace, and the Caelid Waypoint ruins. 


Keep going past the dragon, and you’ll see the map pillar at the fork in the road ahead. 


Starting from the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace again, travel east along the road past the caravan and the huge dogs. Keep heading east past more dogs on your right, and hop over the ravine at its thinnest point. 

all map fragment locations in elden ring

Continue on your path, and you’ll find the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace. On the eastern road are the map pillar and some very big dragons. 


  • East Liurnia – from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, follow the road that leads west then north, past the soldier camp, until you reach the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. Follow the road marked by walls and lanterns until you reach the pillar on the right. 
  • North Liurnia – the map pillar in this area can be found by the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. Head northwest from the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace until you see the sunken academy gate on the right. 
  • West Liurnia – the final map pillar in Lirunia can be reached by following the road that travels north up the length of West Liurnia. You should pass the Four Belfries on the hill, the military camp, and the caravan. Keep going on until you spot the map pillar to the left of the road, just beyond the Site of Grace in the area. 

Altus Plateau

If you have used the Dectus Medallion to reach the plateau, head along the road that leads towards the city walls. At the fork in the road, make a left and keep going until you see the map pillar on the left side. 

all map fragment locations in elden ring

If you came to Altus through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, head through the broken caravans and over the Erdtree Gazing Hill to spot the walls of Leyndell and the central plateau. 

Mt. Gelmir

This area is one of the most difficult to navigate in Elden Ring. This is mainly due to the fact that its main road leading west from the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace stops halfway. Due to this, players will have to take the mountains to make it to the map pillar. 

Mt Gelmir

To reach it, head west along the road and look for a ladder on the left side. Use the ladder and travel west to the soldier camp with the siege tower. In the end, you will see a pumpkin head with a rocky outcrop behind it where you can jump to the next cliff. 

However, keep an eye out for the Grafted Scion that jumps down ad climbs up the ladder behind. 

Keep climbing until you reach the soldier camp at the top. Take the left route from the camp and cross the wooden rope bridge to the Site of Grace. Use the Spirit Spring to jump to the boss crater, then veer westwards onto the rocky outcrop and jump the gap. 

Continue heading down until you see the map pillar and the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace. 

Leyndell, Royal Capital

all map fragment locations in elden ring

After you have made it up the stairway and into the city, past the two Tree Sentinels, you should see a Site of Lost Grace, a golden sapling, and a map pillar off to the side. 

Siofra River

Starting from the Siofra River Well in the Mist Wood, keep making your way forward, up the lift, past the big crab, until you get to the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. From there, head east to find a body slumped by the steps of the Hallowhorn Grounds. 

all map fragment locations in elden ring

This corpse in the area contains a map fragment. 

Deeproot Depths

all map fragment locations in elden ring

From the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace, make your way northeast until you see a gazebo-type structure. The map fragment in this area can be retrieved from a corpse inside the structure. 

Mohgwyn Palace

From the Palace Approach Site of Grace, use Torrent to gallop down the hill on the right. Keep going straight until you enter weird water and run along the left side. This should lead you into some ruins and a broken statue. 

all map fragment locations in elden ring

Go up the stairs, and you should find a dead body that holds the map. On the other hand, if you are following Varre’s quest, you’ll warp directly to the body with the fragment. 

That ends our list of all the map fragment locations in Elden Ring. If you have questions, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll be glad to help. 

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