All Camera Codes in The Devil in Me

Did you know that camera codes are not random in The Devil In Me? You can easily unlock the codes after reading this post.

A 2022 interactive drama and survival horror video game called The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me was created by Supermassive Games and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

In this game, a mysterious caller invites a group of documentary filmmakers to visit a contemporary serial killer. The “Murder Castle” by H. H. Holmes is the content they were producing. They slowly start to understand that things are not exactly as they seem and are being observed and controlled as they film their most recent episode.

The players control a cast of characters, each with a unique backstory and storyline. The choices the players make throughout the game could have a significant impact on the plot.

There will be situations where the main characters are stranded and must decide how to move forward. The game is more suspenseful and resembles a horror movie because of the mechanic, where their choices could result in the death of another character.

In one of the chapters in the game, Mark, one of the main characters, gains access to the killer’s room. He will gain access to the video footage around the hotel. However, these cameras have passcodes, and if you’re playing as Mark, you have to know all of the passcodes.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about these camera passcodes since this article will help you get through the cameras and their locations. Below is the list of different areas and camera passcodes to gain access.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Bar Area

Camera Codes in the bar area

The first camera passcode that you will encounter is in the Bar Area. At first, Charlie will look for cigarettes, try to open the bar area, and see a bartender mannequin. The dummy will show where the cigarette machine is located, and Charlie has to buy the cigarettes there. 

As all this scene is happening, Mark sneaks up to a little room in the Bar Area. He will hide under a table as the mannequin head over there. If you’re playing as Mark, you will notice another mannequin standing in front of a wall with the camera passcode on his neck written on a small piece of paper. 

You will see the passcode written as “Bar 0028”. If you enter this passcode, you will gain access to the different camera angles of Charlie, who is currently smashing the cigarette machine because he doesn’t have money to buy a pack.

The Mannequin

Camera Codes in mannequin's nose

You will find one of the camera codes when Jamie encounters a mannequin that looks like Kate. After the cut scene, Jamie examines the mannequin, and she notices an object hanging on the dummy’s nose, and you will see the passcode written on it. 

The camera passcode is “7293”. In this case, if you input it, From the pov of the fake Kate, this will depict Jamie shattering her mannequin with a wine bottle.

The Final Passcode

final code

Once you gain access to secret evidence number 25, it will also be possible to find the last camera passcode. When you locate the secret room, you will find a creepy mannequin. This mannequin is different from the normal ones you encounter because it has real human body parts such as ears and teeth. 

You will also encounter the video player on the ground with its passcode written on it. The camera code is “6883”. Once you enter it, There will be a cut scene of Mark trying to hold H. H. Holmes’ hat. However, anticipate that there will be a jump scare scene of an H. H. Holmes mannequin popping up out of nowhere.

“Say Cheese!” Trophy

say cheese! trophy

For additional information, you can acquire this achievement only if you take a photo of all crew members while using Mark as the character. In that case, using the camera passcodes above will make achieving it more effortless. 

However, there are factors to consider before trying to get this trophy. The first thing to consider is that you can control Mark as the character. In some of the chapters and scenarios, Mark is not playable. 

Secondly, Mark cannot use the camera unless you have complete control. It cannot be done if Mark is only included in a conversational scene. Finally, to obtain the “Say Cheese!” trophy, all the players you took a photo of should stay alive. If any of the characters die, you cannot unlock this trophy.

Camera codes in The Devil In Me could be confusing when you are a new game player. Hopefully, it will be easier for you to gain access to different perspectives after reading this post.

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