All Bosses in High On Life

Want to learn about all the bosses in High On Life?

FPS games have always been a fan favorite in the game community, and High On Life is catching a lot of attention. Despite being an FPS game, High On Life isn’t the typical action shooter you’ll see. 

For one, you’ll be dealing with talking guns and aliens. Another thing that fans love about High On Life is the challenge when facing off bosses. All the game bosses in High On Life are difficult to defeat and can give fans a hard time during the encounter. 

While boss fights are always challenging in any game, the level of difficulty you’ll have to face in High On Life is on another level. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the game is unbeatable. With the right information and practice, you can power through almost any encounter in the game without breaking a sweat. 

In this guide, we’re going to list down all the bosses you’ll face in High On Life and provide you with some insights on how to beat them. 

Let’s jump right in!


This is the initial boss you’ll face in the game. While 9-Torg isn’t that strong, he’s still a powerful opponent that can put your character to rest if you’re not careful. He’s also the only boss who doesn’t have any ties with the G3 Cartel. 

all bosses in high on life

However, 9-Torg is very shifty and agile, allowing him to deal blowing damage in an abrupt manner. When facing 9-Torg, stay focused as she tends to jump behind your back to unleash her combos. 

Being the first boss in High On Life, taking care of 9-Torg is not that difficult. 

For this encounter, all you need is Kenny’s Glob shot to knock her down. But this is easier said than done since he’ll relentlessly bombard you with laser attacks. 9-Torg will also use special attacks to deflect Kenny’s projectiles. 

Fortunately, his special attacks take a while to process, giving you some time to hit her with glob shots. 


Krubis is yet another fast opponent, making him difficult to keep track of. This boss features a special ability to pop in and out of the area. Unfortunately, this means that Krubis can tap out of the fight to recover and let his goons fight in the meantime. 

all bosses in high on life

Fortunately, he has very limited special attacks and they are easily avoidable. So keep an eye out when you see red lines appearing on your screen. 

Before taking on Krubis, you will need to ensure that you have your Durashield with you. This will protect you from all his special attacks. However, keep in mind that he’ll also use his goons to damage your Durashield. 

Due to this, you’ll have to use Kenny’s glob shots to land some hits before he can do any damage to your Durashield. 


This boss has close ties with the G3 Cartel. He’s also the master trainer and torturer of the cartel. Douglas is quite ruthless towards his new recruits. He has the ability to inflict special damage with his ‘gatlin’ and ‘inksac’ attacks. 


Finally, this boss constantly uses pillars to avoid getting hit by your attacks, making it one of the most difficult bosses to land an attack on. 

The main problem you’ll face when fighting Douglas is the electrified floors of the battle arena.

Due to this, it is difficult to have a solid ground to stand on and aim your shots. With every attack he makes, he’ll try to electrify the ground to make your character dizzy and prevent you from landing counterattacks. 

To keep your character safe, take advantage of Knifey’s tether and use Kenny’s glob shot to land attacks. 

Skrendel Bros

The Skerendel Bros are four different villains joined together in one battle. This is also one of the most difficult boss-level fights since the mechanic to defeat them vary from one another. Due to this, fans will have to think of four different metas during the entire encounter. 

Skrendel Bros

Also, all the Skrendel Bros can assemble into one massive villain called Bro-Tron, which is deadly and difficult to fight. 

Since the Bro-Tron is the last villain in this encounter, you’ll need to defeat it first. Once you’ve taken care of the Bro-Tron, it will break the villains apart. Once the Bro-Tron unleashes his toxic sludge rings, utilize your jetpack to hover over the area to avoid the attacks. 

Continue using any weapon you have to chip off Bro-Tron’s health. Once slain, it will split back into 3 Skrendel Brothers, whom you have to defeat individually. 

Dr. Giblets

When it comes to Dr. Giblets, you’ll be dealing more with his intelligence than muscle power. This boss in High On Life is the brain of the G3 Cartel. Using his mental prowess, Dr. Giblets has set up a mechanism that releases an army of goons after his death. 

all bosses in high on life

Given that he’s weak in his physical form, there’s really no battle with him to worry about. Upon meeting him the first time, simply perform a simple attack and he’ll die. 

However, his army of goons will start attacking you upon his death. Find a high ground in the battle area and use any weapon you have to defeat the goons one by one. 


After taking care of Dr. Giblets, the next boss you’ll have to deal with is Nipulon. He’s the person responsible for dealing with G3 Cartel’s clients. This boss is quite strong with an extreme ability to deal with drugs. 

all bosses in high on life

He also uses psychedelic drugs that will disorient your character during the encounter, making it hard to win. 

Once he uses his drugs on you, he will start multiplying into several clones, making the fight even harder. However, if you keep an eye on the orange clone, and shoot it, the battle should be over right away. 

Unfortunately, the orange clone always stays behind the other clones. If you manage to dig him out and finish him off, you’ll easily win the fight. 


This boss is the most powerful enemy in the game. He’s the leader of the cartel and he wants to become even stronger so he can conquer other civilianization and turn them into goons or victims of drugs. 

Garmantuous is quite slow, but he uses a special chair that aids him in moving around quickly and performing charge attacks. 

all bosses in high on life

The entire encounter with Garmantuous is quite long since he’ll bombard you with endless bullets. The only way to dodge these bullets is to take cover whenever possible and use shields. 

Fans should also take advantage of the dodge ability to avoid getting hit by this boss’ attacks. 

If you’ve mastered the art of dodging attacks, you can use your special attacks to hit his face and stomach. When you get close to Garmantuous, you can also use a bomb to blast this monster to his death.

That makes up all the bosses in High On Life. If you have questions, suggestions, or other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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