How to Find the Agency Wall Safe in GTA Online

Are you looking for the Agency wall safe in GTA Online?

Security Contracts are unique missions available in GTA Online once you’ve established your Agency. This is part of The Contract DLC along with the Data Leaks mission, which involves assisting Dr.Dre to recover a phone. 

In total, there are six types of Security Contract missions, all with varying specifications and rewards. 

Unlike other missions, Security Contracts doesn’t have fail states, meaning you won’t be penalized or sent back to the beginning of the mission if you die. In addition, Security Contracts can be attempted as many tries as you like to get the job done. 

If you’ve managed to complete a contract in GTA Online, you probably noticed that a certain amount was put into your safe. 

Now, where would that be? 

Today, we’ll show you how to find the Agency wall safe in GTA Online. 

Let’s get started!

Wall Safe in GTA Online

Wall safes in GTA Online are where small daily cash payments are deposited. This is also where you can collect the passive earnings of your business, like nightclubs and arcades. Although the amount deposited on your safe is small, it can build up over time and give you extra income. 

Agency wall safe in GTA Online

Once you enter your business, you should notice a small section appear at the bottom right of your screen. This indicates the amount of money you have in the safe. 

When you collect the stash inside your safe, remember to deposit it to the bank to avoid losing money. The city of San Andreas is home to the most notorious criminals, and you’ll never know when you’ll run into trouble.

Finding the Wall Safe

The wall safe in your Agency would be located inside your main office. To find it, go to your office and face your desk. To the right of your office desk, you should see a large panel on the lower half of the wall behind your desk.

Agency wall safe in GTA Online

This is where you’ll see the exact position of the Agency safe. 

To access the safe, walk up to it and hit the button flashed on your screen. After collecting your dough, use the interaction button again to lock it. 

Keep in mind, though, that wall safe’s location differs between buildings and businesses. However, they would always be inside your main office. 

The Contract DLC has brought a lot of new things and challenges in GTA Online. However, owning an Agency in Los Santos has a lot of perks and unlocks most content included in the latest update.

That ends our guide on how to find the Agency wall safe in GTA Online. If you have questions, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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