How to Access BBQ Spill and Charcoal Hot Springs in Grounded

Want to know how you can access BBQ Spill and Charcoal Hot Springs in Grounded?

As you continue to explore the late-game locations of the Backyard in Grounded, new biomes will become available, including the Charcoal Hot Springs and BBQ Spill. While both sections are small compared to regions that host the best base locations, the benefits attached to each make it worth exploring. 

However, players should be extra cautious since the BBQ Spill might be the most dangerous biome in the game. 

For any group of adventurers to even access the BBQ Spill, players must have plenty of protection from the status effects that weaken players entering the location. The Sizzle debuff, previously seen in other biomes like the Sandbox, occurs with higher intensity in the BBQ Spill. 

Antlion armor sets or using a Quesadillantlion provides proper protection against Sizzle in Grounded. 

In this guide, we will show you how to access BBQ Spill and Charcoal Hot Springs in Grounded. 

Let’s get started!

Finding Charcoal Hot Springs and BBQ Spill

Getting to the BBQ Spill requires players to travel toward the Upper Grasslands area. To the northwest, take the Upper Yard Ascend and destroy the rock blocking the rest of the path. 

access bbq spill in grounded

Tier 3 enemy creatures also guard level rewards all around the Spill. This makes it a region that players must travel to only after a good amount of experience.

The Charcoal Hot Springs is on the west of the BBQ Spill, a puddle among the ashes of the knocked-over grill. 

The BBQ Spill’s main guardians are Larva enemies, more specifically called Ladybird Larva. 

access bbq spill in grounded

Ladybird Larvas turn aggressive when you approach their burrowed locations. In the same vein as Grubs, their attacks increase the lethal Sizzle meter that limits the time you can spend in the biome. 

Besides, some Wolf Spiders are also hiding under objects throughout the BBQ Spill. This creates a tense atmosphere on top of the already difficult heat debuffs applied all the time. 

The rewards you can get in BBQ Spill come through Buried Treasures, which are obtainable through a Tier-2 shovel similar to the Sandbox’s rewards. Yellow dot indicators will alert you to items like the elusive Milk Molars used with Mutations during the game’s progression system. 

access bbq spill in grounded

There are also tons of charcoal in BBQ Spill that can be used to craft better defenses for bases through EverChar Coal Chunks. 

You will need at least a Tier-2 hammer to mine this material in the game, incentivizing the possibility of accessing the BBQ Split and Charcoal Hot Spring biomes to maximize your endgame resources. 

That is it for our guide on how to access BBQ Spill and Charcoal Hot Springs in Grounded. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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