An image of how to craft the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim.

How to Craft and Get Materials for the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim

Have you started using the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim yet?

There are dozens of weapons to find and craft in Valheim, each with varying degrees of power and rarity. Many players will want to obtain the rarest weapons like the Draugr Fang, Blackmetal Knife, or Flesh Rippers. However, with an open-world environment adventure game like Valheim, power and damage is not always the top priority.

For some players, having the right tool at the right time is just as important. For this reason, the Abyssal Harpoon utility spear is one of the most useful weapons in the game. Although it barely does any damage and is not too durable, this tool can do one thing that will greatly enhance your game experience.

If you are looking to drag a Sea Serpent all the way to land, check out our detailed guide on how to craft and get materials for the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim.

Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim

An image of the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim.

This utility spear is not mainly used as a weapon. It only has its primary attack, which even then does not deal much damage at all. What the Abyssal Harpoon does is latch onto creatures and drag them towards the user at a certain distance. Be careful, however, as the Abyssal Harpoon constantly drains your Stamina while it is latched on to an enemy. It is also important to note that this mechanic does not work against Boss-level enemies.

There are several ways that this tether can be broken, so be careful about that, especially when holding onto rare creatures like a Sea Serpent. First, using the Abyssal Harpoon’s primary attack again will break the connection. Do not move away too far and too quickly as it will break the connection. Finally, the same thing happens when you run out of Stamina or try to drag through impassable terrain.

This one-handed spear weighs about 1.5 pounds, which is lighter than almost any other spear in the game. Its Durability is quite low at only 50, while it reduces movement speed by 5% when equipped. Since it is not a weapon per se, its primary attack only does 10 Pierce damage, 10 Staggering, and 20 Knockback. Each attack only spends 15 Stamina, but constantly drains it while you are tethered to something.

For defense, the Abyssal Harpoon has a Block Armor of 21 to 31.5. Its Parry Block Armor is rated at 42 to 63, while its Parry Bonus is 2x. A useful tip when catching Sea Serpents is that the tether is not broken when you interact with your boat’s rudder. This allows you to maneuver freely all the time. Some players also suggest that you bring some Stamina Meads with you to maintain the leash for extended periods.

How to Craft the Abyssal Harpoon

An image of how to craft the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim.

To craft the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim, there are several steps you need to take. First, you need to have a Workbench. Thankfully, this is the only structure you need for it. Next, you need 8 pieces of Fine Wood, 3 Leather Scraps, and 30 pieces of Chitin. The first two materials are quite easy to obtain but the last one will take a lot of effort.

To get some Fine Wood, go to the Meadows or Plains biome. Only Birch or Oak trees can drop Fine Wood. Once you find the right trees, chop them down using a Bronze Axe. Any axe lower than a Bronze Axe will not work. However, if you happen to find a Shipwreck in the Black Forest biome, you can use a Stone Axe to chop those down.

Next, you can get some Leather Scraps from chests or Muddy Scrap Piles. These chests are only available in the Meadows biome so look there. ANother way to obtain some Leather Scraps is by killing Boars. Each regular Boar only drops 1 piece of Leather Scraps, so you may have to take out a few. Boars are quite aggressive creatures so make sure to bring a decent weapon when hunting them.

Finally, you can only obtain some Chitins by mining Abyssal Barnacles. Unfortunately, you can only find them on Leviathans, which are basically living islands that float around the Ocean. To find Leviathans, you will need to sail around for quite a bit. Once you mine the Abyssal Barnacles on their backs, they will immediately submerge themselves so try to get out quickly. Each Abyssal Barnacle only drops 3 to 4 Chitins, so it will take a while to gather the 30 you need for the Abyssal Harpoon.

Capturing Creatures

An image of a Sea Serpent.

After you gather all the necessary materials, you can now craft the Abyssal Harpoon using only your Workbench. This extremely useful tool will make moving your livestock and enemy creatures much easier. Instead of having to bait aggressive creatures into an area, you can simply hook and drag them into any location.

The main reason some players craft the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim is to pull some Sea Serpents. These creatures drop Serpent Scales when they die, but these trophies drop all the way to the bottom of the sea if you kill them in the water. The only solution is to catch a Sea Serpent with the Abyssal Harpoon and drag it all the way to land. Once there, you can kill it and recover its trophies without a hitch.

If you are farming some livestock, the Abyssal Harpoon will also come in handy. Use it to relocate your Boars into pens very easily. As long as they are tame, this action does not turn them aggressive.

Remember that the Abyssal Harpoon does not work on Boss-level monsters, so do not bother bringing it to Boss fights. You can try to use it on Eiktyhr or Moder, but it will only be a waste of Stamina. These Bosses do a lot of damage and may even kill you very quickly.

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