7 Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege

Would you like to know everything there is to know about Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege?

One of the few recent developments in Rainbow Six Siege, the creation of the Wolfguard has a significant impact. Along with this, there were also a few more changes in Character Lore as well as the introduction of agents. Every Siege player needs to read this article. As it contains the 7 Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Wolfguard’s Origin

Rainbow Six Siege

In the wake of Nighthaven’s defection in early 2022 and the rise in criminal activity worldwide. Harry Pandey decidedmade the decision to divide Rainbow’s operating structure into four squads, each with a specific function. As the world’s premier humanitarian military force, Wolfguard carries out missions where collateral damage is not an option.

The Attacking Operator Kali formed the Private Military Company Nighthaven, which had its start in the Operation Shifting Tides expansion. Their allegiance was to their international contracts because they had significant negotiation power due to their notoriety as a group. They also have influence inside India due to Kali’s origins.

Much to Ash’s dismay, Harry determined that Nighthaven should have a squad at Rainbow following the Argus super tanker incident. After this incident, she made up her mind as to what she was going to do in the future. Later, Nighthaven left Rainbow and took a few of the team’s Operators along with them. The result was the development of Wolfguard.

What Wolfguard means for Operators

Things You Need to Know

Contrary to popular belief, Agents in Rainbow Six Siege are not changing their allegiances to someone else. Instead, the Wolfguard is an internal squad of operators within the Rainbow Team and has special duties. The Wolguard is also a way to initiate new internal structures while making it easy for developers to enhance content.

Players who had concerns that the meta would shift or that operators might face serious repercussions can relax. This is because developers are stating that they want to

differentiate between the lore and the gameplay. Resultantly, there has also been a decrease in lore-based operator abilities over the past few years.

Who leads the Wolfguard?

Rainbow Six Siege

The Wolfguard’s leader is one of Six Siege’s Operators with the most experience and utility in the game. Frenchman Gustave “Doc” Kateb is a Defending Operator. The Doc possesses a special power that no other Operator possesses currently. This is the capacity to carry out a particular activity when he is on the ground but still alive.

By having Doc lead the Wolfguard, the entity reinforces its purpose as a philanthropic team. Doc shows a great deal of compassion for those who are suffering. Due to this, there will be some intriguing changes in the plot to come. This will result frombe a result of seeing someone with such compassion in charge of a humanitarian team. 

Who are the Operators that Wolfguard Features?

7 Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege

Wolfguard will include certain fan favorites Operators on the side of Rainbow from both the Attackers and Defenders. This is just like the now-rival Nighthaven, which has a similar cast of operators. These operators are one of the integral things you need to know about Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege. The list below states the names of these operators.

From the Defending Side:

  • Gustave “Doc” Kateb (Squad Leader)
  • Miles “Castle” Campbell
  • Dominic “Bandit” Brunsmeier
  • Tina Lin “Frost” Tsang
  • Morowa “Clash” Evans
  • Thandiwe “Melusi” Ndlovu
  • Mina “Thunderbird” Sky

From the Attacking Side: 

  • Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon
  • Gilles “Montagne” Touré
  • Olivier “Lion” Flament
  • Siu Mei “Ying” Lin
  • Sanaa “Nomad” El Maktoub
  • Néon “Sens” Mutombo

With a squad that has such a great amount of balance, the Wolfguard will be very successful in its missions. Moreover, there are only a few threats that the Wolfguard will be unablenot be able to neutralize. This roster will also inform uslet us know about these operators in more detail, making gameplay even more exciting.

Who is Sens? A new operator and part of Wolfguard

7 Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege

Attacker Operator from Belgium Néon Ngoma Mutombo, aka “Sens,” is the newest member of the Six Siege cast. Sens, the third character for LGBTQ representation in the game after Flores and Osa, is the first verified non-binary Operator. Sens is a very complex character and is sure to bring many changes in gameplay to Siege.

Doc’s first act as leader was to send Gilles “Montagne” Touré and Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon to Belgium to recruit Sens. Sens then trained with Montagne and Olivier “Lion” Flament to become familiar with their capabilities for the upcoming Operations. These steps are how Sens became a part of Wolfguard and the Rainbow Team in general.

Sens is an attacker who utilizes the support position in Rainbow Six Siege. They deploy their R.O.U. Projector System, which releases a non-bulletproof green smokescreen, to provide their allies with cover. Although it is not their primary purpose, the Sens’ loadout is a suitable one to enter close-range gunfights. 

The POF-9 is a new weapon introduced to Rainbow Six Siege by Sens’ loadout. It is an assault rifle with a magazine capacity of 51 bullets, but it also has a strong recoil. Sens can also use the GONNE-6, a crucial weapon in the metagame right now, for its utility. They also have hard breach charges and claymores, to be more explosive on entries.

As Sens’ gadget isn’t something that provides cover from bullets, one can throw utility, and players can shoot each other. Moreover, It couples with Osa’s shields to become the ideal plant to deploy behind the green wall. Lastly, they can also use their ability to act as extra cover while they are initiating enemies and activity sites.

A Part of Operation: Vector Glare

7 Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is currently in its seventh year. Operation: Vector Glare, a new expansion that will bring fresh material to the game, is a result of this. However, the complete scope of the content is unknown. Several specifics, such as a new Operator, some new weapons, and more plot stuff to go through, are obvious.

Additionally provided by Vector Glare is the Reputation system. The Reputation system will attempt to include Reverse Friendly Fire for players. This is against those who attempt to attack teammates, even if the match is just starting. By enhancing report capabilities and Player Reputation, this system will incorporate more safeguards against griefing. 

What the future holds for Wolfguard

7 Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege

One of the most important Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege is its future endeavors. The premier thing to come of this internal squad is many cosmetics, uniforms, and weapon skins. As of the current Battle Pass, most of these things are available currently.

The first category in many available cosmetics is the Headgears for multiple operators. However, these headgears are unavailable these headgears, however, are not available for each Wolfguard member and leave around five operators out of the loop. The same thing repeats for operator skins as the same five operators also do not have available Wolfguard skins.

As for weapon skins, only eight weapons have a Wolfguard skin that one can unlock. Some of these are light machine guns assault like the T-95 LSW. While the list also includes assault rifles like the V308, POF-9, and the popular F2.  Lastly. There are also shotguns and machine pistols that have unlockable Wolfguard skins.

The Wolfguard is certainly an exciting, interesting development to have in Rainbow Six Siege. It will lead to desirable interactions between operators, which will deepen the lore of this game. This is why these 7 Things You Need to Know About Wolfguard in Rainbow Six Siege are essential for players.

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