6 Best Agents for New Players in Valorant

Are you new to Valorant and struggling to decide which agent to choose during the picking phase? Here are the 6 Best Agents for New Players in Valorant!

Did you know that when Valorant was released as a closed beta by Riot Games in April 2020, only 10 playable agents were available for players? Since then, the game has undergone significant changes and has now increased its roster of 21 agents, the most recent addition being Gekko.

Learning a new game can be overwhelming, and Valorant is no exception. With unique agents with their abilities, it can be confusing for new players to know where to start. But don’t let that discourage you from trying! In this article, we’ll help you navigate the game and get started on the right foot. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 6 best agents for new players in Valorant. These agents offer easy-to-use abilities, simple mechanics, and a variety of playstyles to choose from, making them perfect for those just starting. 

We’ll cover what makes these agents easy to play and understand and their role in the game. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of which agents to try first and a basic introduction to the game if you’re unfamiliar with their abilities.


Best Agents for New Players in Valorant:

  1. Sage is the most common agent that new players use.
  2. Phoenix and Reyna are great options if you want to be a duelist.
  3. Brimstone and Viper’s utilities are easy to use and execute.
  4. Utilizing Killjoy’s abilities can make it easy to get a kill as a beginner.


Sage loadout

First on our list of the 6 Best Agents for New Players in Valorant is Sage, a Sentinel who excels on the defensive side. Her healing and wall abilities make her a great asset to any team, and her Slow Orbs are perfect for preventing the enemy from rushing into your site.

sage's slow orb

But what makes her stand out for new players is how easy it is to understand and use her abilities effectively. Sage’s abilities and gameplay are straightforward. On the defensive side, use her Wall ability to block pathways when you hear the enemy approaching.

sage's wall

Don’t hesitate to use her heal on your teammates, as it only has a 45-second cooldown and can make all the difference in a 1v1 gunfight. Additionally, you can also use all of her abilities for retakes.

sage's ulti

Finally, her ultimate ability is a game-changer – she can resurrect a dead ally, which can turn the tide of a round. Sage is an excellent pick for new players looking to learn the game’s mechanics while providing valuable support to their team.


6 Best Agents for New Players in Valorant: Brimstone loadout

Brimstone is a controller agent focused on providing smokes for his team. With his ability to block off common angles, he can save you and your team from getting picked off while moving around the map. 

brimstone smokes

His gameplay is easy to understand, making him an excellent pick for new players. To be an effective Brimstone player, you should aim not to die first, as you are a valuable asset to your team. Your smokes can help with entering, retaking, and post-plant situations.

brimstone ulti

Additionally, his ultimate is among the strongest and easiest to use in the game. All you have to do is choose which part of the map you want to drop it on, and if enemies are caught in that spot, they will take a significant amount of damage or even die in the best-case scenarios. 

Stim Beacon

Brim is a solid choice for new players who want to learn how to control the map and support their team by utilizing Stim Beacon. If you want to learn advanced strategies for playing Brimstone, check out our guide on the best Brimstone lineups on Lotus.


Killjoy loadout

Killjoy is another great option for new players in Valorant. She can easily lock down a specific site as a Sentinel, thanks to her Alarmbot and Nanoswarm. Killjoy is easy to use because you don’t need precise timing when using her abilities. 

killjoy's nanoswarm

Once the Alarmbot is triggered, you can just pop your Nanoswarm to deal significant damage and potentially get a free kill every round. The key to playing Killjoy effectively is properly placing her utilities, so practicing and experimenting with different setups is important.

killjoy's ultimate

Moreover, don’t forget to use her ultimate when alone or outnumbered to allow your teammates to rotate faster and help you in gunfights.


phoenix loadout

One of the most common misconceptions for new players in Valorant is that they should not play Duelists if they are new to the game. There is a stereotype that when playing as a Duelist, you should always be the top fragger on your team.

Phoenix checking corners

However, this is not always the case. Duelists are the team’s entry fraggers, and one of the easiest Duelists to learn in Valorant is Phoenix. Playing as Phoenix is straightforward; you pop your flash and enter the site, trying to win gunfights for your team. 

raze satchels

Unlike Jett and Raze, Phoenix’s abilities don’t require precise timing or mechanical skills for self-mobility abilities. It is a decent agent for beginners to use.

phoenix ulti run it back

One thing to remember when playing Phoenix is that his ultimate ability, Run it Back, can bring him back to life at the location where he used the ability. This can be a double-edged sword as it allows him to make a crucial play and secure a round for his team or leave him vulnerable to being picked off again.


reyna loadout

Reyna is another popular agent that new players often choose. She is an excellent agent for those looking to improve their aim, as her abilities can only be activated after getting a kill, except for her Leer ability.

reyna dismiss

If you are confident in your ability to get kills, regardless of your skill level, Reyna could be the perfect agent for you. With her, you have the potential to carry your team single-handedly.

reyna ultimate

Watching Reyna highlight reels can be incredibly satisfying, as skilled players make her gameplay look smooth and effortless. As an additional tip, remember to use her ultimate ability, which grants you a combat stim, to gain an advantage in gunfights.


viper loadout

Regarding Viper, while she may not be the most straightforward agent to use, you can quickly learn her abilities with proper lineups and one-way smokes. Once you master these, they can provide easy kills and site control.

viper wall

Viper can be a great pick for beginners who want to play a controller role, as her abilities can easily divide and control spaces on bomb sites. Additionally, her ultimate ability can make it difficult for opponents to engage you inside the affected area, giving you a significant advantage.

viper ulti

Furthermore, buying a Phantom can complement Viper’s abilities as this gun does not show bullet traces, allowing you to freely shoot through smoke without revealing your position to the enemy.


Playing Astra is difficult due to the need to simultaneously keep multiple factors in mind. You need to utilize her abilities that require precise placement of her stars, proper timing, and the risk of entering vulnerability while placing them.
When starting the game, you can access a set of default agents: Jett, Phoenix, Sova, Brimstone, and Sage.
Raze is not recommended for beginners as it requires precise timing and mechanical skill, especially when properly using her Satchels, which is often key in combo-ing with her ultimate ability.
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