6 Beginner Tips in The Devil in Me

Are you having a hard time playing The Devil In Me? These are the 6 beginner tips to help you out!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me is an interactive horror game that can be played by multiple or single players.

The game’s storyline is about a group of people invited to a so-called “Murder Castle” to produce a horror documentary about H. H. Holmes. As the game progresses, an unknown serial killer sets traps and kills the protagonists.

Players will face different options in different scenarios throughout the game. Their chosen option may result in the death of a character in-game. The main objective is to select the correct decisions to make all characters survive.

Usually, new players will have a hard time playing this game since there are many chapters throughout the game and different death scenes that could happen.

If you are a newbie in this game, below is a list of beginner tips that you can try to improve your game experience and have fun.

Additionally, if you’re already playing this game for several hours, you can also learn something new on this list.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Saving the Game

Beginner Tips in saving the game

Nothing is more frustrating than when you’re playing a game in story mode, and your game progress has not been saved. To not waste the long hours you spend on this game, you should know the saving mechanic of this game. 

In The Devil In Me, you cannot manually save your game file. The only way to save the game progress is by autosave which is done when you choose an option in-game. When the cut scene appears, the game is already autosaving the option you selected. 

So ensure that you remember the last option you clicked before quitting the game. This is one aspect that most new players need to learn on our Beginner Tips list.

Learn The Lore

The Devil In Me Beginner Tips: Lore

Every story game has a storyline. Usually, players playing The Devil In Me only want to know the game’s main story. However, if you want the whole experience, there are details that you might focus on while playing this game.

Learning the lore of different characters and items makes this game more unique. Additionally, it is more fun when you finish the story mode after knowing every detail in the game.

Help the Crew

The Devil In Me Beginner Tips: helping the crew

As you go on throughout the game, the options given will be more difficult since they will require you to leave a crew member while they are on the edge of death.

In that part of the game, you may feel that leaving other characters for you to live with is the best option. However, you may have yet to learn that helping them would result in a much better outcome.

This is one of the Beginner Tips that you should remember as you go along the way that may get a character to survive the killer.

Game Settings

The Devil In Me Beginner Tips: game settings

The Devil In Me is like other games with in-game settings that you can change. If you’re unaware, you change the difficulty settings if you’re just a new player and want to know the game’s entire story rather than being chased and always in a life-and-death situation by the killer. 

Additionally, you can add subtitles, text size, brightness, and camera shake on every cut scene. It will improve your game experience and have more fun, just like watching a horror movie.

Picture Frames Have Information

picture frames

While playing the game, you will notice glowing picture frames. Usually, it is easy to see since they have a higher outline brightness. These picture frames can give you information if there is danger nearby.

Thoroughly investigating these objects will give you the right decisions in-game in the future. However, these will not entirely give information about the lore, but doing so will undoubtedly give you an advantage.

Additionally, if you want to acquire all trophies and achievements, you need to find all of the picture frames in the game. Moreover, some trophies are based on what picture frame color you will find.

Playing the Game Again from the Start

home screen of the devil in me

The game will give you different options and will result in different outcomes. The story of the game will be based on the decisions that you will make.

There are different endings in the game, and some are not good. That said, playing the game again from the start will give you a chance to select the other options in-game.

This is a unique feature of the game, unlike other story-mode games with only one path throughout the storyline. Additionally, you can solve puzzles, unlock different achievements, and learn new secrets, unlike your first run.

Moreover, you can watch every cut scene and different characters’ death scenarios in-game, making it more enjoyable to play.

That would conclude this article. Hopefully, reading the beginner tips above helped you and gave you more fun playing the game.

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