10 Choices Not to Make in The Devil in Me

Do you know that decisions in The Devil In Me could result in the death of a character? Find out different choices not to make after reading this post.

The Devil In Me is a game where a crew of main characters will try to survive a killer. It is a suspense game that needs critical thinking since every option you choose could result in a character’s death.

Since this game has several chapters and an extended storyline, there are choices not to make for other characters not to die. Luckily, the list below is some of the choices not to make. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Opening the Door in the Furnace Room

Choices Not To Make in furnace room

There will be a chapter in the game where Charlie finds the money for cigarettes ending up locked in the furnace room. Eventually, a mannequin will pop up, and gas from the pipes will release. 

After that, the mannequin will suddenly show a lighter and start a massive fire inside the room. The fire will kill Charlie if you do not decide which option to choose. There are two options for you to select: either force to open the door or lift the grate. 

In this scenario, you should lift the grate and not force the door because Charlie will end up being burned alive. After you choose the “Lift Grate” option, Charlie will survive since he will be hiding under it and avoid the fire from burning him.

Choose to Run in Silver Ash

Choices Not To Make in silver ash

In the Silver Ash chapter, a secret door will suddenly opens while Erin is busy doing the audio recording in the Blackout chapter. Behind the door is a secret passage. Erin will walk through it and suddenly feel her asthma attack caused by the dust inside. If you are playing Erin, you should not take out your inhaler and keep moving until she gets to Silver Ash Institute.

After a few walks, Erin notices a speaker inside a mouth of a corpse and will suddenly hear the voice of Jamie. She will tell Erin to be careful and needs to hide from a nearby room. 

In this scenario, you should listen to Erin to hide and not run since the killer will find Erin and end up being killed. If you choose the “Hide” option, the killer will try to find her and will not succeed. After selecting this option, you will feel the suspense while watching the cut scene.

Save Jamie in Chase Chapter

Choices Not To Make in chase chapter

Kate will have a series of minigames after they get separated from Jamie in the glass room. In the “Chase” chapter, the killer eventually grabs Jamie, and you can either save Jamie or run away. 

In this scenario, you should save Jamie and not leave her since she will die if you leave. However, if you decide to keep her, the cut scene will show that Jamie will have the chance to escape, and both characters will survive.

The Gun in Lake Scene

Choices Not To Make in lake scene

The policeman arrives in the Lake chapter and is hesitant to help the main characters since he doesn’t know anything about the situation. Suddenly the killer swings his axe at the cop’s hands, ending up slicing off his hands. In this scenario, Charlie will tell everyone to run away. 

However, Kate tells Mark to reach for the cop’s gun. The right decision is to try to take the gun. After choosing this option, the cut scene shows that Mark will not successfully obtain the gun. Instead, he will see a club. After watching the cut scene, all of the remaining characters will live. In that case, one of the choices not to make is to run.

Charlie is Not The Killer

Charlie's death

The characters will be suspicious of Charlie since he is a narcissist, and they will hear the audio recordings of the killer, which is a setup for Charlie. Characters will argue with Charlie, but he will tell them to trust him since he is not the killer. 

The players will have the option to tie Charlie or trust him. In this scenario, you should trust Charlie and not restrain him. If you choose to tie him up, the killer will kill Charlie.

Don’t Kill Connie the Dog

Connie the Dog

Connie is the dog that Jamie and Katie will meet while the killer is chasing them, holding an axe. They will hide as fast as possible, but the dog will growl and bark when it senses the killer is getting close. You have to decide in this scenario whether to kill Connie. 

The correct option is not to kill Connie. One of the choices not to make is to kill her. Doing so will make the killer suddenly appear and swing the axe into Kate’s forehead killing her. 

On the other hand, if you decide not to kill the dog, the killer will still find both characters, but the dog will interrupt the killer, leading both characters to escape and survive.

Rafters Scenario


In the garden scene, the killer will chase Jamie and Kate after they successfully solve the puzzle in the maze chapter. They will run and end up inside a barn. Meanwhile, the killer will suddenly find an axe outside the barn and try to use it to kill both characters. 

In this scene, Jamie tells the other characters to run away to escape. On the other hand, Kate will have the option to climb up the rafters. You should choose to listen to Jamie and run to escape the killer since choosing the rafters option will lead to Kate getting killed. The Run option will get both players to survive.

Do Not Attack The Killer in BlackOut

Erin's death

Erin will be trapped in a room with no lights. Unfortunately, she will get an asthma attack and will ask for help. Eventually, she will see the killer with the inhaler and offer to help her. However, if you are playing as Erin, you will have the option to attack the killer or accept the offer. 

What you should do is not attack the killer. If you choose to do so, Erin will grab a sharp weapon and use it to attack the killer. However, Erin will lose her strength because of her asthma, and the killer will pull out the sharp weapon and use it to impale Erin ending up killing her.

Press the Button on Glass Wall Scene

Jamie and Kate glass wall scene

Jamie and Kate will be trapped in a glass wall separating each other in Director’s Choice chapter. The players will have the option to run or bluff the killer. You should always choose the Run option since it will get the characters to survive. On the other hand, bluffing is one of the choices not to make.

In the glass wall scenario, either Jamie or Kate will obtain the screwdriver. The glass wall will have a red button that will reverse the wall’s direction. You should press the button toward whoever has the screwdriver. The cut scene will show that whoever the character has the screwdriver will use it to break the glass, and both will survive.

Do Not Save Kate in Breathless

Erin in breathless chapter

Erin and Jamie will be locked up in the Breathless chapter. They will be locked in a chamber where oxygen levels will start to drop, which results in breathing problems. In this scenario, other characters will see them outside the room through the glass window. 

They will have the option to either kill Erin or Jamie. You should choose to kill Kate since Erin has asthma. He will not be able to survive if you decide to kill Erin. On the other hand, Kate will.

That would conclude this article. You have to make other decisions and options in The Devil In Me. Hopefully, you’ve learned several choices not to make in this game to save most characters successfully.

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